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Growers House Accepts Bitcoin as a Payment Method to Purchase Hydroponics Supplies

Growers House is proud to announce that we are accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment to buy hydroponics supplies and equipment. Buying your hydroponics supplies with Bitcoin allows you to be purchase hydroponics equipment with a digital currency that's open source and anonymous. Read press release to learn more about buying hydroponics with Bitcoin.

How to Buy Hydroponics Equipment with Bitcoin?

Buying hydroponics equipment with Bitcoin on Growers House website is easy. Simply select your hydroponics equipment and add them to your cart. Upon checkout, fill out your address information and then choose "Bitcoin" as the payment method. After clicking the "Place Order" button you will be redirected to another page that instantly converts the price of your order in USD to the realtime Bitcoin exchange rate. On this page you will have 15 minutes to complete your order. Of course, you must already have Bitcoin in order to make a purchase with them. Don't have Bitcoins? Find out how to quickly convert your local currency into and out of Bitcoin, and how to store it securely in a wallet by visiting

What Exactly Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world's most widely used alternative currency with a total market cap of approximately $9.0 billion. The Bitcoin network is made up of thousands of computers run by individuals all over the world.

How Can I Purchase Bitcoin?

Firstly, you will need to purchase Bitcoin and store them in a Bitcoin wallet. There are many Bitcoin exchange websites that also offer wallets to store your Bitcoin, and you can also store them on your personal hard drive. Growers House recommends as a reputable and safe place to purchase, transfer, and store Bitcoin. Online Super Store for Hydroponics Supplies and Grow Room Equipment now Accepting Bitcoins as a Payment Method.

Consumers can now buy hydroponics equipment and grow room supplies with Bitcoins at the indoor growing online super store The entire 5,000+ product catalog of grow lights, LEDs, reflectors, bulbs, ballasts, fertilizers, nutrients, grow rooms, grow tents, hydroponic kits, are easily, discretely, and safely purchased with Bitcoin at

Growers House (retail) and (online store) hydroponics suppplies and grow room equipment super stores are now accepting Bitcoins as a method of payment. As the popularity and security increases, the anonymous currency known as Bitcoin is becoming widely used to purchase items online, and has even surpassed Western Union in overall transaction amount.

As Bitcoin become a more established currency, with other onlines stores such as planning on accepting them this coming year, believes it’s important to give the option for digital currencies to be used as an alternative to government regulation to validate transactions. That said, the outgoing Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke praised digital currencies like Bitcoin in his recent memo to the Senate.

One of the attractive reasons for using Bitcoins online is that it keeps your personal information hidden, and you don’t have to be afraid of any organization being able to trace the source of your funds. This lends to Bitcoin being one of the most secure ways of shopping online anonymously. has quickly risen to become one of the largest online retailers of hydroponics equipment in the world, growing at an average rate of 300% over the last two years. Located in the USA, also ships internationally. online store sells indoor gardening and growing equipment including ballasts, bulbs, LED grow lights, induction lights, reflectors, nutrients, fertilizers, soils, hydroponics kits, fans, filters, grow tents, trimmers, and more. The Growers House hydroponics team is also well known for their excellent customer service, fast shipping times, and reviews & comparison tests of products with integrated videos and infographics. Visit today to buy hydroponics with Bitcoins.

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Growers House now accepts bitcoin

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