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Dyna-Gro products have been used to grow many of the number one plants in the world! Our list of satisfied professionals and hobbyists include orchid, bonsai, rose, fuchsia, African violet, vegetable, nursery and foliage plant growers. Only Dyna Gro Nutrients contain all 16 of the minerals essential for optimum plant growth in one, easy to use, liquid concentrate. With Dyna-Gro, there is no need to source multiple components, weigh, dissolve and mix in order to come up with a complete nutrient solution. Simply dilute the appropriate Dyna-Gro formula to the desired concentration with the assurance that all macro and micro nutrients are present in the proper ratios.

  • Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow 7-9-5

    This formula is an all purpose complete nutrition concentrate containing all 6 essential macronutrients and all 10 micronutrients that every plant needs. Grow™ 7-9-5 can be used to promote both foliage and blooms. It is ideal for poor, rocky soils, container grown plants and hydroponics. The low soluble salts and slightly higher phosphorus makes this a great all year African Violet or Orchid formula for those who don't want to switch formulas to promote flowering. Use Grow™ 7-9-5 as a rapid cure for nutrient deficiencies. When mixed at dilute concentrations, Grow™ 7-9-5 is quick acting as a foliar spray. If you are looking for a single formula to use all the time on all your plants, this is the one. Learn More

  • Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt 0-0-3

    Improves heat and drought tolerance! Increases resistance to environmental stress! Enhances growth for healthier, stronger, hardier plants! Learn More

  • Dyna-Gro Liquid Bloom 3-12-6

    Bloom™ 3-12-6 is a low Nitrogen, high Phosphorus concentrate containing all 6 essential macronutrients and all 10 essential micronutrients that every plant needs. Bloom™ 3-12-6 is specifically designed to encourage the development of large, vibrant blooms. It is ideal for roses, orchids, african violets and all other flowering plants. Bloom™ 3-12-6 supplies a balance of low ammoniacal to nitrate nitrogen needed to avoid stem elongation in flowering plants and vegetables. Apply Bloom™ 3-12-6 before flowers buds appear to help initiate flowering. Learn More

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