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Quantum makes top-quality ballasts, reflectors, T5 bulbs & fixtures, and accessories. Growers House is an authorized dealer of Quantum products. All Quantum products are compliant with FCC rules and regulators. They are UL Listed and have gone through rigorous testing in lab facilities to replicate hydroponic and indoor grow rooms and environments. Growers House had recognized less than a 1% failure rate on Quantum ballasts with thousands sold. They run HPS and MH bulbs on 120 and 240v. Quantum ballasts are dimmable from 100%, 75%, and 50% power. T5 fixtures run in 4,6,8,12, and 16 bulb. View our var categoryDescription = new CollapsedElement(); categoryDescription.init('.category-description', { maxHeight: 250, height: 100 });

  • Quantum 400w Digital Dimmable Ballast

    The Quantum 400w Dimmable Digital ballast is one of the most reliable names in the indoor growing and greenhouse market. The Quantum 400w is dimmable from 100% to 75%. The Quantum runs both HPS and MH lamps. When you order from Growers House, the Quantum 400w ballast comes with the 120v power cord, but is also compatible with 240v power cords (not included). 2015 the color of the Quantum ballasts will be white, you may receive a white or orange ballast during the transition. Learn More

  • Quantum 600w Digital Dimmable Ballast & Digilux 600W HPS Lamp Combo

    Get a discount by purchasing a Quantum 600w Dimmable Digital ballast and a Digilux bulb all in one package. Great output from high end components for lighting for any sized grow room. Learn More

  • Quantum 1000w Digital Dimmable Ballast & Digilux 1000W HPS Lamp Combo

    Package that includes both the Quantum 1000w dimable digital ballast, capeable of running MH and HPS, and the Digilux 1000w HPS flowering bulb. Learn More

  • Quantum Digital Dimmable Ballast - 1000w

    Quantum 1000w electronic ballast is an industry leader with features such as dimmability from 100% to 75% and 50%. It's also 120/240v, and can run HPS and MH bulbs. The Quantum digital ballasts run 15% cooler than most other digital ballasts on the market and come backed by a great 3 year warranty. When you order from Growers House, the Quantum 600w ballast comes with the 120v power cord, but is also compatible with 240v power cords (not included). *Quantum ballasts will be white as of Dec 2014. Product performance and features have not changed, the only change is the color. Orange color completely out of stock. Learn More

  • Quantum Blitz 1000W Dimmable Ballast w/WIFI

    1000W Digital Dimmable Ballast with WIFI module/ Smart wifi control via IOS/Android App, Ultra compact design, Smart fan-Advanced temperature controlled fan, HPS/MH lamp compatibility. Learn More

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