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Rock Nutrients

Rock Nutrients knows what the best growers want. How? Because you are their customers! Like most of us, you want better equipment, better advice and bigger, healthier crops. Founded in Adelaide, South Australia, Rock's aim at the beginning was simple. They wanted to formulate, test and supply the very best in hydroponic products to hydroponic growers the world over. And nothing since that point has changed. Twenty years on and Rock Nutrients still believes in quality and value above all else. In order for Rock to deliver the very best quality nutrient range possible.

  • Rock Nutrients - Absorbalight Foliar Spray

    Rock Absorbalight Foliar spray will increase your plants potential to photosynthesize, so your plants can absorb more light and achieve their maximum photosynthetic power. Has the same effect as increasing your light output by approximately 10-20%. Learn More

  • Rock Nutrients - Rock Box Starter Pack

    The Rock Box contains all the nutrients you need to go from seed to harvest with one of best nutrients available on the market. Rock nutrients are plant-specific nutrients designed to increase bud size, aroma, and essential oil production. Learn More

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