2400w OG Reflector 8' x 8' DarkRoom Package

Four 600w grow light setups with best equipment available on the market. Designed by GH staff for compatibility and for maximum yield. Brands include Solis Tek, Hortilux, OG Vertical Reflector.

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Name 2400w OG Reflector 8' x 8' DarkRoom Package
Brand Growers House Package
SKU 2400W8X8OG
Watts 400w
MSRP $3,889.99
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This 2400w Budget Digital 8' x 8' DarkRoom Package allows you to use high-end components at an inexpensive price, all put together with compatible products by the Growers House staff. This package includes:

  • Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro II DR240, 96" x 96" x 80"
  • (4) OG Vertical Reflector from Growlite
  • (4) Solis Tek 600W Dimmable Digital 120/240
  • Can-Fan Max-Fan 10in Inline Fan- 1019 CFM
  • (4) Hortilux Enhanced Performance 1000w Super HPS Digital Ready Bulb
  • (4) Grow Crew 1/8" Ratchet Hangers
  • Titan Controls - Spartan Series - 4 Light Controller 240 Volt
  • Active Air 8 inch In-Line Fan 720 CFM
  • Growers House Carbon Filter 6" x 16" 400 CFM
  • Black Lightproof Ducting w/Clamps 8" x 25'
  • (4) 8" Stainless Steel Duct & Hose Clamps Pair
  • (1) 10" Stainless Steel Duct & Hose Clamps Pair
  • (2) Ideal-Air Wye Branch Y Connector - 10" x 8" x 8"
  • (4) Plug Adapter for Standard Ballast to Hydrofarm Reflector

  • Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro II DR240, 96" x 96" x 80"

    The next generation of tents from Secret Jardin: Dark Room II- everything you loved about the old Dark Rooms with several key improvements.

    What's new?

  • 210D fabric has 2.5x tear strength and 3x the abrasion resistance.
  • Webbed interior fabric for better light proofing.
  • Increased light proofing to Level II.
  • Newly engineered corners- 3x more robust than old DR corners.
  • Hook-IT included
  • Black floor mat.

  • A Dark Room is the foundation of a completely self-contained indoor garden, featuring a lightweight, durable, washable interior reflective lining. The frame supports up to 65 pounds of lighting, ventilation or other equipment, and every unit has access ports that accommodate ducting or other equipment. DarkRooms can be assembled without tools, in minutes, by one person, and collapse just as quickly for storage.

    Dimensions: 96" x 96" x 80" (240x240x200cm)

  • Stronger and more durable than previous DR models
  • Portable, lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble
  • 11 total ports: 2 for extraction, 2 for intraction, 3 for cables, 4 for cool tubes
  • White Waterproof tray in bottom
  • Strong, lightproof zipper

  • (4) OG Vertical Reflector from Growlite

    Grow Lite offers Quality made products and components. We use only the finest materials and finishes to craft and give life to our innovative cutting edge designs. The GrowLite OG Vertical Reflector is UL Approved for USA and Certified for Canada.

    Innovative design and technology. We are not a "me too" type of company. We strongly believe in idea of innovation and cutting edge ideas to push the limit of new technologies and possibilities in this industry.

    The OG Reflector from GrowLite features CVAT-Concealed Vacuum Airflow Technology for maximum yield. GrowLite's CVAT technology has proven to expand the lumen performance produced by the lamp to increase reflector efficiency by 30%. Compared to the average reflector, the OG Reflector's technology will create more uniform light nutrients and produce larger yields at harvest time.

    (4) Solis Tek 600W Dimmable Digital 120/240

    Check out our Reviews, Tests, Comparisons, & Information of all Solis Tek Digital Ballast models to find the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision on the best ballast for your needs.

    Solis-Tek is a leading provider of the industry's first software based technology ballast. We specialize in the highest quality components and circuitry for our digital ballasts for use in the horticulture and hydroponics industries. View Growers House exclusive 1000w Digital/Electronic Ballast PAR Footprint Test Review to compare this ballast with other popular ballasts on the market.

    The SolisTek Ballast is a digital ballast on a software based platform. Solis Tek Ballasts utilize Japanese components and unparalleled engineering, SolisTek is able to achieve a less than 1% return rate.

    (4) Hortilux Enhanced Performance 1000w HPS Digital Ready Bulb

    Extend the growing season to 365 days a year with EYE HORTILUX grow lamps. Choose EYE Hortilux lamps to raise your lighting system to a new level of performance, optimizing spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth.

    EN lamps are completely lead free and contain less mercury than standard HPS lamps. The environmentally friendly lamps (EN) can usually be disposed of without being recycled, however please check your state laws first, which may be more strict than Federal law. For information on how to recycle your lamp visit www.lamprecycle.org.

    Hortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum grow lamps fine-tune your lighting system to provide optimum spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth. The EYE Super HPS EN Grow Lamps provide 17% more total energy and 25% more energy in the violet, blue, and green spectrum than standard High Pressure Sodium lamps. These lamps are environmentally friendly and pass EPA, TCLP test criteria as non-hazardous waste.

    Can-Fan Max-Fan 10 in Inline Fan - 1019 CFM

    Can-Fan brings its innovation to market and sets a new standard for performance. The Max-Fan is more powerful and efficient fan that takes less energy to run. 6" - 14" come pre-wired with an 8' - 120 volt power cord. 16"-20" come with an 8' whip (240 Volt). 5 year warranty.

    The Can Fan Max Fan 10" inline duct fan saves energy through energy efficient design, which lowers lifetime cost of energy by 70 to 90%. The Max Fan 10 inch is quiet and highly aerodynamic. The Max Fan's optimized mixed flow is quieter than other fans of the same size.

    Titan Controls - Spartan Series - 4 Light Controller 240 Volt

    Easy to install and simple to operate, the Titan Controls - Spartan Series - 4 Light Controller 240 Volt is just what you're looking for in a dependable lighting controller.

  • 4 light controller
  • 30 Amps input power / 20 Amps output power
  • 240 Volts
  • 60 Hz
  • 4000 Watts
  • Heavy duty industrial relays
  • Trigger cord set activates your lights via an external wall timer
  • Universal outlets allow the use of 120 Volt or 240 Volt cord sets
  • Housed in a rust, dust, and moisture-proof enclosure

  • Active Air 8 inch In-Line Fan 720 CFM

  • Quiet operation
  • Durable ceramic-coated
  • Metal housing
  • UL-recognized components
  • High quality molded impeller
  • Thermally-protected AC motor
  • Includes mounting brackets and 8 foot pre-wired 120V cord

  • Growers House Carbon Filter 6" x 16" 400 CFM

    Growers House Carbon Filters feature virgin activated Australian RC-4/12 granular carbon. The activated carbon absorbs and traps pollutant molecules within the filter, removing contaminants, odors and other airborne impurities.

  • Lightweight design
  • Precision machine packing allows for more carbon loaded within and less movement
  • Open air mesh design maximizes airflow
  • Powder coated aluminum tops & bases
  • Built in flange and 2 pre-filters are included
  • 2 year Average life expectancy