315w Grow Light Kits
315w grow light kits are great for grow rooms 3' x 3' or smaller for flower or 4' x 4' or smaller for veg. The packages below include HPS, MH and Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) also known as Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC). These bundles and combo packages can help get your grow room started quickly and have you harvesting plants in no time.

  1. $254.82

    This complete lighting kit contains: The Sun System 315 Neutron CMH Reflector, the Prism Lighting Science 315w CMH Ballast 120V-240V, and your choice of Phillips MasterColor 315W T12 lamps for flowering (3100k) or for propagation (4200k). Learn More
  2. $317.87

    This kit comes with the Prism Lighting Science 315w Ceramic Metal Halide CM 120/240V Ballast, the Sun System LEC 315 RA CMH Remote Reflector, and your choice of the Philips Mastercolor CDM-TP Elite 315W CMH Agro Lamp T12 - 3100ºK or Philips MasterColor CDM-TMW Elite 315W/942 CMH Lamp - 4200ºK. The 3100K lamp is a flowering, budding spectrum lamp, while the 4200K lamp is best as a propagation, vegetative spectrum lamp. Package includes a free set of 1/8" Grow Crew Ratchet Light Hangers. Learn More