4' x 4' Grow Rooms
4' x 4' grow rooms with all the components necessary to start a successful indoor garden. Our grow room tent packages include a tent, fan, carbon filter (odor removal), ventilation ducting, grow light, timers, and hangers. All you need will be pots, saucers, or a hydroponics system and nutrients. These are great grow room kits for bedrooms, garages, closets, and other small areas.

  1. Master 4' x 4' 432 Watt Fluorescent Plant House Grow Room package with 4 foot 8 bulb light fixture and all the main components other than pots, media, and nutrients. This grow room package is designed by the Growers House staff for compatibility and effectiveness. Easy to install ventilation system designed for heat removal. Check out our Nutrient Starter Kits for optimal starting nutrients. Learn More

The 4’ x 4’ grow tent is one of the most common sizes of Grow Tents found on the market. Our tent packages come with popular LED and CMH brands like Black dog, Kind and Sun System. Coming with all the equipment needed and the essential hardware for an indoor growing environment, these tents are easy to set up and take down so you can grow anywhere! (inside of course).