8 Inch

  1. This lightproof ducting is completely lightproof and easier to handle than traditional silver/aluminum ducting. The black color absorbs heat which can be transmitted through the ducting and then exhausted with your air cooling setup. Learn More
  2. Adjustable 90 degree elbow ducting has strengthening beads ensure a stiffer, round elbow and a better seal. All elbows come standard with one end crimped. Ideal-Air™ adjustable elbows are used to make turns in round pipe and flexible duct through 90 degrees. Learn More
  3. The Ideal-Air Supreme Silver/Black Flex Ducting is a high-quality, 3-ply aluminum foil duct. The duct has a black interior core and a silver reflective exterior. 100% made in the USA, this ducting is constructed with a spring steel wire helix, which is then encapsulated in a polyester, aluminum foil and polyester tri-laminate. Specifically oversized by 3/8 in to fit any application. Duct length is 25 ft and includes 4 zip ties per bag. Learn More
  4. Air tight duct collars are air tight solutions for easily connecting your ducting to your wall, floor or ceiling opening. 1.5" mounting flange with adhesive neoprene gasket for trouble-free, air-tight installation. Learn More
  5. Our heavy-duty Wye Branch Connectors for ventilation are made of a thick gauge galvanized steel. We have improved the design for easier use and more secure duct connections. Learn More
  6. Made from strong galvanized steel construction, these Y connectors allow you to split ventilation into multiple areas with one fan. Using a Y-connector gives you double the possibilities—you can split a length of ducting into two separate runs of ducting going to your preferred areas. Available in a wide range of sizes to fit your situation. Learn More

8 Inch Ducting and Ventilation for your grow room air movement. This 8" metalized ducting can help air cool your indoor growing environment. Be sure to get duct clamps to attach your ducting to fans, reflectors, and flanges.