Across International - Accu Temp Vacuum Drying Oven / Degassing Oven - 1.9 Cu Ft

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Desktop Digital Vacuum Degassing Oven , Award-winning #1 brand in vacuum systems.. 1.9 Cu Ft, 16x14x14", 570°F Choose from 2.5 CFM compact pump to 21 CFM vacuum pump, oil or oil-free, single or dual stage. stainless steel finsh, Digital temperature control with timing and alarm, 5 aluminum pan shelves, oil-filled vacuum gauge, LED lights, oil back-flow check valve, 3rd gen controller
Introducing the new Ai AccuTemp 1.9 cubic foot vacuum ovens (110V only), come standard with stainless steel tubing, stainless steel vacuum & vent valve, oil-filled vacuum gauge, 5 sided pad heating technology and two year warranty. The thermal-conductive aluminum pan shelves provide excellent temperature uniformity inside the chamber, while standard is the 3rd gen LCD low proportional gain temperature controllers keep your oven temperature within +/- 1°F accuracy, in either °F or °C.

In a vacuum drying oven, thermal processes occur in an airtight chamber where a desired level of vacuum has been applied using an external vacuum pump. With a vacuum oven the entire application can take place under vacuum or a controlled atmosphere can be created through the introduction of an inert gas.

Vacuum ovens are used in a variety of ways. Such as helping to prevent surface reactions (such as oxidation), sample decontamination (such as removing lubricants), as well as for speeding up the out gassing process. When determining the process you will use for a vacuum oven bear in mind that you will need to size a pump to meet this application. This requires defining the appropriate chamber size, the level of vacuum desired, and how quickly you will need to reach that desired vacuum level.

An important consideration is what type of material will be processed. The Across International vacuum ovens come standard equipped with silicone gaskets. While these gaskets resist a wide variety of temperatures and pressures they can breakdown in the presence of solvents and acids. Below are some sample vacuum oven applications.

  • Butane/ethanol evaporation
  • Out gassing liquids
  • Moisture determination
  • Out gassing solids
  • Aging tests
  • Plating
  • Chemical resistance studies
  • Desiccating
  • Dry sterilization
  • Vacuum storage
  • Electronic process control
  • Drying of paper, rubber, and textiles

  • AccuTemp-19 series digital desktop vacuum ovens feature a 1.9 cubic foot easy-to-clean stainless steel chamber with a large dual-layer tempered glass safety window and small footprint. These ovens can greatly reduce drying time by maintaining a consistent vacuum level within the chamber.

    Every one AccuTemp vacuum ovens undergoes a 2-time 24-hour vacuum leak test, and is 100% quality controlled in the USA.

    Attention: Before first use, run oven at 400°F without vacuum for 15 minutes to burn off any residue that may have been introduced during the manufacturing process.


    • All stainless steel internal tubing provides higher ultimate vacuum, holds vacuum 10 times longer, and require minimum maintenance.
    • Oil-filled mechanical vacuum gauge provides more accurate reading, longer gauge life and minimizes shipping damage.
    • All stainless steel vacuum and vent valves gives you cleaner connection, more accurate control and long term durability.
    • New 5 sided pad heating technology and aluminum shelves provide excellent temperature uniformity and faster heating rates (25% faster in our lab test).
    • Adjustable gas back fill capability with needle valve and vent port.
    • 3rd gen LCD low proportional gain temperature controllers keep your oven temperature within +/- 1°F accuracy, in either °F or °C
    • Best choice for the curing and converting of oil extracts. With deep vacuum level, they can operate at temperatures which allow the degassing/purging process to occur rapidly, thus increase productivity and allow for the production of superior quality products with minimal processing time.
    • Dual layer observation window with 1/2" tempered safety glass.
    • 3" thermal insulation prevents heat loss and minimizes the enclosure's outer surface temperature.
    • Easy-to-clean stainless steel interior for exceptional durability and ease of maintenance.
    • Built-in inch mercury vacuum gauge and circuit breaker.
    • Built-in check valve prevents vacuum oil backflow.
    • Built-in alarm alerts you when oven has been shut down by safety circuitry due to out of range temperature.
    • All ovens shipped from our New Jersey or Nevada location for quick delivery, and come with two year warranty and lifetime US-based parts and service support.
    • Guaranteed US based phone and email assistance within 30 minutes from Across Intl. engineers.
    Manufactured in accordance with: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 12100-1:2003, ISO 12100-2:2003, EN1050:1996, EN294:1992, EN60204-1:2006, CE


     110V +/-10% 50/60Hz 1-PH 13.6A (or 220V +/-10% 50/60Hz 1-PH 6.8A)
     Heaters  1500 watts
     Chamber material  Stainless steel
     Temperature controller  3rd gen low proportional gain, microcomputer PID controlled with LCD display
     Temperature range  Ambient to 480°F
     Temperature units  Fahrenheit or Celsius
     Temperature accuracy  +/- 1°F
     Temperature uniformity  +/- 6% of setpoint
     Warm-up time to 100°F
     45 minutes
     Dwelling timer range
     1-9999 minutes
     Chamber dimensions
     16.5 x 14.5 x 14" (WxDxH)
     Unit dimensions
     28 x 20 x 21.75" (WxDxH). With handle and vacuum port: 28 x 23 x 21.75" (WxDxH)
     Shipping dimensions
     32 x 27 x 28" (WxDxH)
     Vacuum level
     Better than 500 microns/millitorrs
     Maximum vacuum
     29.9" Hg (may vary based on your altitude, click here to learn more)
     Vacuum gauge range
     0 to 30" Hg
     Vacuum connector
     KF25/NW25 flange
     Unit/shipping weight  140 Lb / 200 Lb
     Shelves included
     Five aluminum slide-in shelves
     Distance between shelves  2"
     Door gasket material  Silicone
     Observation window  1/2" tempered safety glass
     In-door LED lights  White (LED lights is optional on all 220V models)
     Built-in circuit breaker, overheat protector

    Standard Package

    Comes with: 1.9 cu ft vacuum oven, 5 Aluminum pan shelf, KF25 quick clamp and centering ring, User Manual.
    More Information
    Name Across International - Accu Temp Vacuum Drying Oven / Degassing Oven - 1.9 Cu Ft
    Brand Across International
    SKU AI19
    Alternate SKU/MPN AccuTemp-19
    Weight (lbs) 140
    Warranty 1 Year
    Dimensions 28 x 20 x 21.75"
    Voltage 120-240v
    MSRP $2,190.00