Advanced Nutrients - Bud Factor X *DISCONTINUED*

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This item has been discontinued, Please try our selection of Advanced Nutrients for an alternative.


This item has been discontinued, Please try our selection of Advanced Nutrients for an alternative.

Advanced Nutrients' plant scientists spent years looking for powerful ingredients that make a big difference in your garden. They tested and discarded hundreds of substances until they found the one they were looking for. We aren't allowed to tell exactly what the factor is or how it works, but one thing's for sure, when you load bud factor X into your blooming plants, you'll happily witness "the bud factor". Bud Factor X has been described as a blend of Colossal Bud Blast meets Scorpion Juice.  

Bud Factor X is a nutrient additive in the Advanced Nutrients line-up aimed at growers with a “Grand Master” level of growing experience. In other words, this additive is some potent stuff! In terms of the type of additive, Bud Factor X is specifically an Immune System Stimulator. What Advanced Nutrients claims is that Bud Factor X will benefit the quality of your plants in the following ways:

  • Increased aromatics
  • Increased taste
  • Increased production of essential oils
  • Higher resistance to stress, pests, and disease
  • Overall larger plants resulting in heavier harvests

  • One great advantage of using Bud Factor X is that it gives growers an alternative to the reliance on chemical controls for pests and diseases, such as using sulfur, which can have adverse effects on the quality of flavor and aroma in a harvest. Bud Factor X avoids the need for chemical controls by using highly bio-active ingredients instead. One of the aims of these bio-active ingredients is to target the external organelles of a plant, where the resins and essential oils are produced. By activating the immune system of the plant, the external organelles increase their natural defensive abilities in the form of protective resins and oils that protect the plant in two distinct ways. Firstly, the sticky resins and oils form a physical barrier that impedes larger insects and may even trap and kill smaller insects such as thrips or spider mites. Secondly, many pests avoid contacting plants that emit aromatic compounds that are produced in the resins. Although bad for bugs, excess production of essential oils can turn a good harvest into an epic harvest and makes for very happy growers.

    Derived From:

    Soluble Potash, formulated from fractionated Plant Extract.

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