Advanced Nutrients - Rhino Skin

Rhino Skin is a Plant Nutrient Support and Potency Enhancer! Maximizes amounts of trichome and essential oil production! Improves stalk strength to support larger flowers! Silicon increases the rigidity of plant cell walls!

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Name Advanced Nutrients - Rhino Skin
Brand Advanced Nutrients
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The male rhinoceros leads his mate and their two calves through dust, drought and relentless heat. Attacked by microscopic parasites, by sucking worms, by vicious biting insects the size of small birds, by mites, mildews, molds ripped by thorny foliage under the merciless eye of the blazing sun. Yet somehow the rhino and his family easily survive their ordeal to arrive at a safe oasis. All because of their tough rhino skin? Nature's very own living armor.


Potassium Silicate
Silicon (Si)

Available in 1L and 4L sizes.