AeroGarden Replacement Grow Lights - 2 Pack *DISCONTINUED*

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Replacement lights for AeroGarden plant growth systems. Includes a set of two Deluxe-B plant grow lights for all one and two light Aerogarden systems.

AeroGarden 2-pack Replacement Grow Lights/Bulbs, Delux B

Model #100340

AeroGarden ‘MAXGROW' Grow Lights bring sunshine indoors for fast, healthy growth

AeroGarden grow lights use a proprietary blend of phosphors to deliver the proper balance of white, red and blue light for healthy, compact vegetative growth AND plentiful fruiting and flowering. In your AeroGarden, they deliver all the light your plants need to grow - no sunny window needed!

For fuller, thicker growth, larger, more frequent harvests and more blossoms & fruit - replace your Grow Lights every 6 months.

Includes set of 2 Deluxe-B Grow Lights for all 1 and 2 light AeroGardens

Compatible with AeroGarden 3, AeroGarden 6 &  AeroGarden 7

The AeroGarden is:
Drop in the pre-seeded Grow Pods, add water and grow
Plant your own seeds or choose from a wide variety of pre-seeded kits
• Automated 
Reminds you when to add nutrients

Light turns on and off automatically
• Versatile 
Grow a wide variety of herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more!

100% success guaranteed

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Name AeroGarden Replacement Grow Lights - 2 Pack *DISCONTINUED*
Brand Aerogarden
UPC 810705011993
MSRP $24.95
Voltage 120v
Lumens 1560