Air Filters
Bug Screens come in 4in, 6in, 8in, 10in, & 12in. They minimize air flow restriction and have activated carbon to help filter out bugs, mold, and many other harmful elements trying to enter your garden.

Our selection of bug screens, air filters, and purifier systems are designed to let clean air in and keep the bad stuff out of your grow area. Bugs, odors, mold and mildew spores, pollen, dust, dander, microbes, and other airborne particles are all caught in activated carbon air filters before they can become serious issues for your grow operation. The ventilation bug screens come in all duct sizes from 4 inches to 12 inches and are made of washable materials for long-lasting protection. Bug filters, air sanitation systems, and air purifiers are your effective first line of defense against airborne pests and diseases.