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10 Inch

10 Inch Ducting and Ventilation for your grow room air movement. This 10" metalized ducting can help air cool your indoor growing environment. Be sure to get duct clamps to attach your ducting to fans, reflectors, and flanges.

  • Ideal-Air Duct Collar Air Tight

    Air tight duct collars are air tight solutions for easily connecting your ducting to your wall, floor or ceiling opening. 1.5" mounting flange with... Learn More

  • Ideal-Air Duct Coupler

    Couplers for ducting and ventilation are quick and easy solutions for connecting flex ducting. Crimped on both ends with strengthening bead for sec... Learn More

  • Ideal-Air Wye Branch Y Connector

    Our heavy-duty Wye Branch Connectors for ventilation are made of a thick gauge galvanized steel. We have improved the design for easier use and mor... Learn More

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