Aptus BloomBoost - Bloom Stimulator

100% Organic flower stimulating bioactive bloom booster. Amp up your plant with higher resin, fiber and sugars for the best natural flavor and higher number of buds/flowers.

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Availability: Ships in 7-14 Days

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Name Aptus BloomBoost - Bloom Stimulator
Brand Aptus Plant Tech
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BloomBoost is a bloom and maturation stimulator, as well as a rich microbial feed and stimulator. It is 100% organic with bioactive ingredients that stimulate plant flowering response and increase soil health.

Using BloomBoost throughout the flowering phase produces larger fruit with more fibers, resin and sugars, which increase the quality of the end product (higher Brix level). BloomBoost helps improve the natural flavors while enhancing the appearance of your product.

Why Use BloomBoost

  • Improves transition between different metabolic stages in plant physiology (better plant development)
  • Improves quality and end product by increasing fibers, resins and sugars (flavor, nutrition, appearance, and quality)
  • Improves yield by stimulating more bud sites, particularly along the sides of main shoots (greater quantity of flowers and buds)
  • Stimulates production of phytohormones, vitamins, and other important natural bio-stimulants.

  • How to Use BloomBoost

    Add BloomBoost to your reservoir every feeding from the second week of the flowering stage the end. BloomBoost is effective used through harvest without negative affect on quality and flavor.

    Customize your feeding schedule with the Aptus Nutrient Calculator


    • Organic Nitrogen provided by L-amino acids promotes robust vegetative growth and photosynthesis without risk of burning or overdose. Read more on L-amino acids under Core Product Technologies.
    • Full spectrum organic L-amino acids provide growth materials, plant and microbe bio-stimulation, and boost beneficial bacteria populations.
    • Potassium aids in sugar and nutrient transport, improves starch, carbohydrate and protein synthesis, regulates water usage, and is critical to fruit and flower maturation.
    • Sulfur is an essential component of all cells, and many enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids. Also a part of flavor and aroma compounds.
    • Iron, boron, and other micronutrients assist floral development, and plant fiber development, leading to greater dry weight.
    • Vitamin complexes and phytohormones are produced through controlled fermentation of specific bacteria in a bioreactor. These natural-form stimulants provide building blocks for other needed hormones, immune compounds, and metabolic triggers.
    • Gibberellins for enhancing shooting (increasing bud sites and production of side branches)
    • Cytokinins and auxins for increasing cellular division and tissue growth
    • Polysaccharides (simple sugars) are consumed by beneficial microbes as food energy. This stimulates the soil micro-life activity, which increases the availability and uptake of bloom-promoting nutrients.

    BloomBoost Key Ingredients

    • L-amino acids, which provide organic nitrogen
    • Polysaccharides (simple sugars)
    • Trace elements: boron (B), iron (Fe), molybdenum (Mo)
    • Potassium (K) and sulfur (S)
    • Bloom promoting natural plant stimulants (cytokinins, gibberellins, auxins)
    • Vitamin complexes produced by natural fermentation

    Tips from the field

    • BloomBoost may be used at a slightly higher dose for even better results. Some growers have reported good results from double recommended dosage through the bloom cycle.
    • Do not keep BloomBoost in your reservoir for more than 2-3 days in order to avoid biofilm buildup and blockage of irrigation drip lines.





    Soluble Potash (K20) Potassium Sulfate 1.0%
    Boron (B) Boric Acid 0.1%