Aptus StartBoost - Organic Root & Growth Booster

100% Organic concentrated liquid, stimulates root hair formation and strong veg growth. Get 2x thicker stems with Humic/Fulvic acids and beneficial bacteria bio-mass. L-aminos for a nitrogen boost.

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Name Aptus StartBoost - Organic Root & Growth Booster
Brand Aptus Plant Tech
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Second in the Aptus Premium Collection is StartBoost, a dark smelly, concentrated liquid designed to stimulate root growth, vegetative growth, enhance soil micro-life, and increase soil structure and fertility. StartBoost is 100% organic with bioactive ingredients, which encourages the development of the root system and vegetative growth. Specific micro-life biomass works to enhance root development. It stimulates root hair development while conditioning the soil and providing bioavailable nutrition during vegetative growth.

The natural organic acids in StartBoost are found in all healthy soils. They are essential to balancing the cation/anion exchange capacity in the soil. StartBoost helps to moderate the nutritional balance in soil and soilless medium by binding up excess minerals and making them available for plant absorption, which minimizes nutrient antagonism.

Why Use StartBoost

  • Powerful root and growth stimulator (more roots and plant growth)
  • Improved development of stems, root system, and plant tissue (vegetative)
  • Improves micro-life populations and strength
  • Improves water retention, cation/anion exchange, and growing medium structure
  • Improves cellular development of stems (up to 2x thicker)

  • How to Use StartBoost

    Add StartBoost to your reservoir every feeding during the complete vegetative phase and first week of the flowering stage.

    Customize your feeding schedule with the Aptus Nutrient Calculator


  • Organic Nitrogen provided by L-amino acids promotes robust vegetative growth and photosynthesis without risk of burning or overdose. Read more on L-amino acids under Core Product Technologies.
  • Full spectrum organic L-amino acids provide growth materials, plant and microbe bio-stimulation, and boost beneficial bacteria populations.
  • Humic acid improves water retention by increasing the structure of the growing medium. Beneficial bacteria use the carbon from Humic acid for anchorage and stimulation. Humic acid is an effective soil conditioner, which improves cation/anion exchange (helps with nutrient availability).
  • Fulvic acid acts as an efficient chelator. It's especially effective if there are excess unchelated nutrients in the growing medium.
  • The specifically chosen micro-life biomass (beneficial bacteria) converts unusable minerals into bioavailable nutrients and enhances antagonistic action against pathogens (rhizosphere protection).

  • StartBoost Key Ingredients

  • L-amino acids, which provide organic nitrogen (N)
  • Micro-life biomass from controlled fermentation of selected strains
  • Humic acid from the Leonardite layer
  • High-grade, low molecular weight Fulvic acid

  • Tips from the field

  • Begin feeding with StartBoost (plus FaSilitor) as soon as your plants develop initial roots and leaves. Continue feeding throughout the entire vegetative phase.
  • Use a 1:1000 dilution to feed new clones or starts from seeds (4 ml per gallon). this is effective as a pre-soak for cloning or seed starting medium.
  • During transplanting, dip the roots of the plants directly in a 1:100 mixture (40 ml per gallon).
  • Do not keep StartBoost in your reservoir for more than 2-3 days in order to avoid organic biofilm buildup and blockage of irrigation drip lines.
  • When using rockwool or similar medium, micro-life have a difficult time anchoring. It may be necessary to supplement more often in order to maintain a good micro-life.