Based out of Tucson, AZ Growers House carries a wide variety of products to help you start and maintain your aquaponics system. Your aquaponics garden will benefit from our experience and high-quality products. Shop online or come visit our retail store. From beginner to expert level aquafarming products and everything inbetween, we can provide equipment for your small indoor aquarium herb garden, the family backyard vegetable and fish pantry to large scale commercial systems for education institutions or charitable food organizations. Below is an online list--with links--to some of our most popular aquaponics equipment : 


Helpful Aquaponics Links

Below are some helpful links to resources for aquaponics gardeners and aquaponic enthusiasts. Note that some resources are specific to the Tucson, AZ metro area:

Tucson Aquaponics Project

Non-profit, community supported training and resource organization

Local Roots Aquaponics

Aquaponics and Edible Pond Consultants in Tucson, Arizona

IBC of Aquaponics (Intermediate Bulk Containers or Totes)

Building and Running Aquaponics System

IBC of Aquaponics: 187 Page Guide eBook to Backyard Aquaponics, PDF

Backyard Aquaponics Forum

A place to discuss aquaponics

The Aquaponic Source: Gardening Community Forum

Aquaponic Community and Discussion Forum For Aquponic Gardeners