Atami (B'Cuzz)

Atami & B'Cuzz Nutrient company studies the way in which the plant grows and flowers through the microscope. Atami & B'Cuzz Nutrient company researches the growing processes on the basis of state-of-the art techniques and methods with which they are thoroughly familiar. Various methods of growing are compared with the main target of increasing the average yield of the grower in a responsible fashion. The result is a smart product range of bio-stimulators and nutrition solutions under the name B`cuzZ products. The Atami research team is continuously investigating new developments and methods to supply the growth of crops on a global level with effective and especially biological high-quality products. Atami strongly believes in the importance of environmentally friendly products. That is the reason why all B`cuzZ bio-stimulators only consist of natural components and are as such harmless to man, animal and plant.