AWOL Backpack (L) - All Weather Odor Lock

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    AWOL (All-Weather Odor Locking) Back Pack keeps strong smells in, moisture out, and is discreet and strong. Carry your harvest without worry!
    The AWOL Back Pack from DL Wholesale is a bag made from the highest quality fabrics and stitching available. The materials use in the AWOL Backpack are stitched together seamlessly in order to deliver odor-locking power unrivaled by any other backpack currently available on the market. Rugged, durable, water repellant, and odor proof, the AWOL Pack will carry your harvest safely and discreetly.

    The AWOL's outer shell is made from a heavy-duty fabric that makes it rugged, water repellant, and strong. The same material is used in many tactical bags in military gear and in other high-durability luggage products. Additionally, the inside of All-Weather Odor Locking Back Pack features an odor-capturing activated carbon lining, which is protected by a thick nylon mesh.


    • Reinforced stitching to hold extra weight
    • Nylon mesh to protect carbon lining
    • Thick handling straps to prevent tearing and improve comfort
    • Additional handles for carrying between two people
    • Black powder coated metal hardware for style and function
    • Wetsuit zipper and double flap to keep moisture out and the smell in
    • Bag can be carried by hand, shoulder, or worn like a backpack.
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    NameAWOL Backpack (L) - All Weather Odor Lock
    BrandDL Wholesale
    Dimensions21" L x 13" W x 7" H
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