Best Value Vacs 3.2 CF Vacuum Degassing Oven

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    Vacuum Oven, 120V. with individual heating per shelf. LED Lights. Stainless Steel Interior. LCD Display. 4 shelves.
    The Best Value Vacs 3.2 CF Degassing Vacuum Oven is designed with your extraction needs in mind. The BVV 3.2 CF Vacuum Oven comes with direct shelf heating. Each shelf has its own heating element and PID controller. The Best Value Vacs Vacuum Oven features several LCD displays and a wide window. The 3.2 CF Vacuum Oven comes with four shelves standard.


    • Hardling Internal Tubing to provide greater vacuum stability.
    • Each shelf has its own heating element and PID.
    • Stainless steel interior for easy cleaning.
    • Comes with built-in LED lights.
    • All ovens have been tested for 24 hours while at temperature and full vacuum.
    • Comes standard with 4 shelves.
    • Timer can run from 1 to 9999 minutes.
    • PID-controlled over temperature alarm
    • Nitrogen or Gas Inlet Port
    • Instrumentation Valves
    • Vacuum Aperture Valve
    • Heavy-duty casters for easy moving.
    • 2 Year Limited Warranty
    • Comes with instruction manual

    Why choose a vacuum oven?

    In a vacuum drying oven, thermal processes occur in an airtight chamber where a desired level of vacuum has been applied using an external vacuum pump. With a vacuum oven the entire application can take place under vacuum or a controlled atmosphere can be created through the introduction of an inert gas.

    Vacuum ovens are used in a variety of ways. Such as helping to prevent surface reactions (such as oxidation), sample decontamination (such as removing lubricants), as well as for speeding up the out-gassing process. When determining the process you will use for a vacuum oven bear in mind that you will need to size a pump to meet this application. This requires defining the appropriate chamber size, the level of vacuum desired, and how quickly you will need to reach that desired vacuum level.

    An important consideration is what type of material will be processed. The Best Value Vacs vacuum ovens come standard equipped with silicone gaskets. While these gaskets resist a wide variety of temperatures and pressures they can breakdown in the presence of solvents and acids. Below are some sample vacuum oven applications.
    • Out-gassing liquids
    • Moisture determination
    • Out-gassing solids
    • Aging tests
    • Plating
    • Chemical resistance studies
    • Desiccating
    • Dry sterilization
    • Vacuum storage
    • Electronic process control
    • Drying of paper, rubber, and textiles


    • Shelf dimensions: 17-7/8" x 17-1/4" with 3" of clearance between shelves.
    • Temperature Range: Ambient +10F -- 492F
    • Exterior LxWxH: 23.5"x30"x27.5"
    • Power Consumption: 220W x4 (220W per shelf)
    • Voltage: 110 VAC @ 50 Hz
    • Temperature Stability: +/- 1.0F
    • Gasket Material: Silicone
    • Power Connection: US Std. Plug
    • Vacuum Guage Readout: Mbar/InHg
    • Interior Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    • Weight: 260 Lbs (290 Lbs. Crated)


    • Be sure to have a safe, organized work environment, free of obstacles and hazards in an open, well-ventilated area.
    • All vacuum chambers must be operate on a flat surface.
    • Be sure to keep the equipment out of reach of children and pets.
    • Wear safety goggles, face shield, gloves, protective clothing, and a respirator. Never stand next to or look inside any vacuum vessel without proper safety equipment.
    • Always inspect equipment prior to usage. Look for any physical damage. Should the chamber have any damage, do not use and contact the manufacturer immediately.
    • During assembly and disassembly, ensure that all components are directed away from your face and other extremities.
    • Never leave a vacuum chamber or pump unattended.
    • Do not move vacuum chamber while under a partial or full vacuum operation.


    • ISO 9001: 2008
    • ISO 13485: 2003.
    • Manufactured in Accordance with Q/TIWY7-2004

    Important Note

    This item is a freight shipment only via UPS ground freight. Expedited freight can only be calculated by calling customer service. A valid phone number is required to ship, otherwise UPS freight will not be able to arrange a delivery window. Freight times may vary from 2-5 business days. Seasonal changes and rural locations may cause additional delays. West Coast in 5 days, Midwest in 2 days, East Coast 3-4 days.

    Warning: Use only in well-ventilated areas. Do not operate while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Acrylic and Polycarbonate are not resistant to solvents, alcohols, infusion/stabilization resins, liquid plastics, and hydrocarbons such as butane and propane. Small concentrations will result in lid degradation. Failure to operate the chamber for the given applications voids manufacturer warranty and all liability.

    Disclaimer: This unit is intended for legal purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances.

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    NameBest Value Vacs 3.2 CF Vacuum Degassing Oven
    Weight (lbs)260
    Size (Volume)3 Cu Ft
    Warranty2 Year
    FREE ShippingNo