Bio Canna Bio Flores - OMRI Organic

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    Now you can use Canna with an OMRI rated with BIOCANNA Bio Flores flowering nutrient. Made with fermented plant/vegetation that provides the best minerals and amino acids to your plant during flowering phase.
    BioCanna Bio Flores specially developed for the blooming phase of plants. Made of fermented plant material, BioFlores provides many blooming necessary minerals in the correct proportions. In addition to these minerals, the fermented plant material provides beneficials like as Betaine nitrogen and many amino acids, giving your plantsextra blooming power.

    What is BioCanna?

    BIOCANNA products are especially developed for cultivation on soil and organic-based mediums whether they are certified organic or not. While none of these products are currently registered for use in the State of California for certified organic production, the organic certified ones can be used in all other states where they are registered for sale. Crops grown in these other states using the BIOCANNA OMRI registered products can be called organic provided they are grown using organic or biological methods in accordance with the National Organic Program and International guidelines.

    BIOCANNA fertilizers posess the correct constitution to avoid overdosing of nutrients. Over fertilizing can harm not only the environment, but also the plant, and can lead to burning or disease. Proper nutrient formulation insures the plant is not under fertilized which can cause stunting, delay or even loss of a harvest.

    Directions for Use

    • Shake the bottle well before use
    • Dosage: 40 ml/10 Liter - 16 ml/US gallon (1:250)
    • Depending on the container size and the plant size: feed 1 to 3 times each week
    • The diluted food solution does not need to be acidified
    • Feed the diluted solution within 24 hours
    • Preferred feeding is by hand and over the top of the medium. If drip irrigation is used, always flush the lines after each application to avoid clogging

    Other directions:
    • Use according to manufacturer's guidelines only: A concentration greater than 2.5 % of vinasse in the solution (after diluting with water) can be detrimental to plant growth and causes significant reduction of root mass in certain plant species. Over fertilization has a negative impact on the environment, the growing medium and the plant
    • Keep from freezing. Store tightly closed and in a dark place
    • Keep this and all other fertilizers out of reach of children
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