Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-3 8SH 400W Includes Cord

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We believe that the Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-3 8SH 400W is the highest performing and most reliable, truly full-spectrum (350-750nm, UV to NIR) plant grow light on the market today. It delivers Black Dog LED's proprietary full-cycle Phyto-Genesis Spectrum evenly over the entire footprint, with unprecedented PAR levels, canopy penetration, and yields!

Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-3 8SH 400W Home Grow Lighting Solution


Even Bigger Yields

Increased yields with lower energy costs equal more profit

Plant Specific Spectrum

Our Phyto-Genesis Spectrum helps increase terpene production with the world's only true complete spectrum

Double The Coverage

The PhytoMAX-3 flowering footprint is double the industry standard, cover more area with fewer fixtures


New Features

Bigger Flowering Footprint

  • PhytoMAX-3 8SH has a larger area of coverage with up to 5.0' x 5.0' per light.


  • Dimmable from 15% - 100% with industry-standard 0-10V dimming controllers. 

More Powerful Spectrum

3.4% ultraviolet (< 400nm) and 20% violet (400 - 450nm) light provides better canopy penetration; Photon Flux Efficacy (PBAR 280 - 800nm):

  • 2.13 μmol/J  (8SH) 

Bigger Yields

  • 1.3 to 2.5+ pounds per light (8SH)

(Depending on strain, environment and growing skills)

Standard Power Inlet

IEC standard power inlet, allowing cords to be sourced worldwide.

Black Dog PhytoMaxx 3 HungBlack Dog PhytoMaxx 3 Hung

The Phyto-Genesis Spectrum

Many lighting companies claim to offer UV and IR in their spectrum. The fact of the matter is the vast majority of the grow lights on the market have completely insignificant UV output.

Go BEYOND PARTM with Black Dog's Phyto-Genesis spectrum. The targeted spectrum with 3.4% UV and 4.9% IR gives your plants increased content (+26%) on certain medicinal strains. Our spectrum also gives you increased yields at more than double the industry standard, with 80 to over 120 grams per square foot.


Black Dog PhytoMass-3 8SH 400W Phyto-Genisis SpectrumBlack Dog PhytoMass-3 8SH 400W Phyto-Genisis Spectrum

Product Details

Black Dog PhytoMaxx 3 8SH SpecificationsBlack Dog PhytoMaxx 3 8SH Specifications

PhytoMAX-3 8SH Performance And Technical Specs

Photon Flux (μmol/s)  
PBAR 280-800nm 874
UV 280-400nm 29
PAR 400-700nm 802
IR 700-800nm 43
True Wattage 410w
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS
Mean Time Between Failure > 70,000 hours
Number of LEDs 224
Standard Power Cord Length 8 feet
Power Cord Options NEMA 5-15 or NEMA 6-15
AC Voltage Range AC 100V~240V (50 / 60 Hz)
Power Factor > 0.98
Operation Temperature Range -4~104 °F
BTU 1398
Fans Expected Life > 70,000 hours
Vegetative Minimum Area Footprint 3.5' x 3.5' (12.25 ft2)
Vegetative Maximum Area Footprint 6.25' x 6.25' (39 ft2)
Flowering Minimum Area Footprint 3.0' x 3.0' (9 ft2)
Flowering Maximum Area Footprint 5.0' x 5.0' (25 ft2)
More Information
NameBlack Dog LED PhytoMAX-3 8SH 400W Includes Cord
BrandBlack Dog LED
Dimensions15" x 15" x 4.5"
Spectral BlendFull Cycle
Light TypeLED
Amps4.1A @100V |3.42A @120V | 1.97A @208V | 1.71A @240V
CE ListedYes
ETL ListedYes
FREE ShippingYes