Best 1000 Watt Grow Lights for 2021

Best 1000 Watt Grow Lights

Best 1000W Complete Fixture

At GrowersHouse, we offer many leading 1000W grow light kits. Below are just a few of our top choices. The lights here fall into two categories: Best 1000W Complete Fixture and Best 1000W DE Lamp for the necessary annual bulb replacement.

Iluminar IL DE Full Fixture 1000W 120/240V C-Series with included HPS DE Lamp


This all-in-one unit features a handy remote control that lets you control the lighting in your grow room effortlessly. It boasts a dimmable high-frequency ballast with overdrive. The reflectors are interchangeable, which is a nice perk for varying ceiling heights. It has balanced mounting. The aluminum reflector offers 96 percent reflectivity. This is an affordable, premium grow light fixture

Growers Choice Master Pursuit 1000W CMH Grow Light System with Dual 500W CMH Bulbs, 208-240V


The Master Pursuit series is a 1000-watt CMH grow light system with dual high-efficiency 500-watt Ceramic Metal Halide lamps that provide very deep canopy penetration. 

That makes them ideal for a wide array of horticultural cultivation endeavors, particularly for speciality flowering plants. The lighting allows you to meet the spectral color needs of your plants easily during every growth stage. The adjustments also let you control growth to improve the overall quality of your crop.

Phantom 50 Series, 1000W, 120V/240V DE Enclosed Lighting System with USB Interface


The Commercial DE Enclosed Lighting System delivers very uniform light with an effective PAR value over the footprint. You can also connect via its USB interface to the Autopilot PX1(2) Digital Lighting Controller, which gives you six-way wattage output control.

Luxx 1000W DE HPS Fixture

  1. Luxx 1000w DE HPS Fixture
    Luxx 1000w DE HPS Fixture
    As low as $382.39


The Luxx Lighting 1000W DE works well for primary flowering but is also a great choice for the plants’ vegative state. The high-intensity lighting effortlessly spurs flowering for a more robust harvest. The lighting system also has 98 percent high-reflective aluminum for broad and deep canopy coverage.

Air Cooled Reflector Lighting Kit: Including DE Remote Ballast and 1000W Phillips Grow Light


This is a complete 1000W lighting kit that comes with an air-cooled reflector, ballast and 400v HPS lamp. All cords and ratchet hangers are included. 

The Sun System has been designed for double-ended 1000-watt HPS lamps. The double-ended construction has been engineered for optimal efficiency and uniformity. One of the outstanding features of this lighting kit is that it has a patent-pending design that allows removal of the heat generated by the lamp without excessively cooling the lamp. It boasts a 95 percent reflective textured interior that has 98 percent reflective corners for better output and uniformity. The steel housing has a powder-coated finish that is exceptionally durable. The fixture boasts a five-year warranty. 

The set comes with a Philips Master GreenPower Plus EL double-ended 1000W lamp. It is nitrogen filled, with a quartz glass outer jacket. It boasts high photosynthetic photon flux (ppf) at 2,100 μmol.

DE Boss Reflector Lighting Kit: 1000W ballast and DE Philips Lamp

  1. DE Boss Reflector Lighting Kit: 1000w ballast and DE Philips Lamp
    DE Boss Reflector Lighting Kit: 1000w ballast and DE Philips Lamp
    Special Price $354.11 Regular Price $393.46


The DE Boss features a patented state-of-the-art design. It supports double-ended 1000W HPS horticulture lamps. For best results, use the 2100 micromole (Pro Plus) version lamps that have a dimmable range of 1150W, 1000W, 750W and 600W. The manufacturer recommends using only 1000-watt lamps in the ballast.

Ceramic MH 315W Wing Reflector Package


If you are looking for an all-in-one kit, this might be a great choice. It includes the Prism Lighting Science 315W Ceramic MH CMH Mogul Base Socket Adapter. You’ll have a choice of either a  Philips Mastercolor CDM-TP Elite 315W CMH Agro Lamp T12 - 3100K or Philips MasterColor CDM-TMW Elite 315W/942 CMH Lamp - 4200K. The 3100K lamp has a spectrum for flowering/budding and the 4200K is for the propagation and vegative stages.

1000W Budget Lighting Package

  1. 1000w Budget Lighting Package
    1000w Budget Lighting Package
    Special Price $179.58 Regular Price $199.53


This affordable 1000W lighting package comes with a 6-inch air-cooled reflector and an Ultra Sun HPS 1000W bulb. The entire fixture is highly reflective with a hammered effect on its aluminum interior. It comes with an Ultra Sun High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp that has a temperature rating of 1000K, which works well for fruiting and flowering. It emits 40,000 lumens.

To learn more about our many lighting package choices in 100W grow lights, contact GrowersHouse.

Best 1000W DE Lamp

Philips AGRO+ Plus Double-Ended High Pressure Sodium (HPS) EL DE Lamp, 1000W (Previously GreenPower)


When it’s time to switch lighting, check out the Philips high-frequency 1000W AGRO Plus EL double-ended bulb. The Philips High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp has a clear outer bulb that provides the perfect output for growth. This light is highly energy efficient with a consumption of only 1116 kWh.

Ushio Double Ended DE Enhanced Performance Pro-Plus HPS Lamp 1000W


This is Ushio’s highest output DE bulb and will easily outperform any standard single-ended 1000W HPS lamp. It works well in a variety of DE-compatible ballasts.

Gavita Pro Plus 1000W HPS DE Lamp


This bulb has been specially engineered to burn brighter than a standard single-ended 1000W HPS bulb while maintaining the wattage output.

Johnson Grow Lights - CX-9 LED 1000W

  1. Johnson Grow Lights - CX-9 LED 1000W
    Johnson Grow Lights - CX-9 LED 1000W
    Special Price $1,037.08 Regular Price $1,152.31


If you are looking for a replacement for your HPS, check out the CX-9, which easily replaces any 1000W HPS. You can easily daisy chain two units if needed. It provides similar light to a 1000W HPS but draws only 540 watts, saving a bundle in electricity costs.


Things to Consider When Buying the Best 1000-Watt Grow Lights 

When shopping for grow lights, the number of watts is just one factor to consider. You’ll also want to look at the light’s spectrum characteristics. When looking at 1000 watt grow lights, you'll notice that the light intensity (PAR/PPFD) varies significantly.  Below are a few of the additional things to consider when buying 1000-watt grow lights. 

What is Actual Wattage?

Actual wattage is the amount of electricity a fixture draws at the outlet. Some use the full 1000 watts and others have a range so that you can control the spectrum. A wattage range allows a lower adjustment during your plants’ vegetative growth, when they need less light than during flowering. You can turn off the lights, sometimes with the help of a timer or controller. With dimmable light fixtures, you can adjust their intensity. You should also remmber that dimmable lights can save electricity. 

When looking at 1000W grow lights, you’ll want to consider the spectrum as well.

HPS Grow Light Benefits

There has been a swing toward LED grow lights in recent years but HPS remains a tried and true grow light choice and an affordable purchase. Without a doubt, the high purchase cost of LED lights is a factor when people pick lights. HPS lights still dominate the market, remaining the leading choice for most growers.

You can purchase HPS lights in kits, which include the bulb, fixture and ballast. At GrowersHouse, we sell many of the best 1000W grow light kits. They will not fail to spur plants to enter the vegetable and flowering stages.

With HPS grow light kits, you get exactly what you would expect and need, and they work well. 

White or Colored LEDs

Some full-spectrum LEDs use all white. Colored LEDs also have white. Many feel that all-white LED grow lights are close to natural sunlight. Old-school growers feel that all white LEDs are also the most similar to an HPS bulb with a metal halide build (HPS spectrum with blue light).

HPS lights have a reputation for working well, but many growers are replacing them with white LED lights because they are hot and expensive to operate. Another benefit of white light is that plants look very natural bathed in its glow, as opposed to the light from colored LEDs. You can easily see any discolorations or problems.

You’ll find many lights that have separate modes for veg or bloom. Many also give you full control over the light spectrum. You’ll have a lower energy bill when you dial back the light during the vegetative stage. Be careful, though: Depending on what you are growing, changing the light spectrum can shock some plants, slowing their growth for up to two weeks.

Light Output

With a 1000W LED, the light will have an output comparable to that of a 900W HPS light. Premium light choices will have a 1000-watt output and good ones will have a 900-watt output. By contrast, with HPS light output, things are very straightforward. 

Canopy Penetration

Most light manufacturers claim their LED lights penetrate just as deep within the plant canopy as an HPS light, but LEDs often fall short. If penetration is an important factor, you might want to go with a 1000-watt HPS light system. 

Light Coverage Area

Coverage area is determined by the square footage a light will illuminate effectively during flowering. When in the vegetatve state, the light can cover a foot or two more in length and width.