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Trellis netting supports plant growth and promotes bigger yields. Let’s go over the best commercial trellis options and answer the most frequently asked questions about commercial trellis netting. You’ll learn about what the netting is used for and we’ll compare the two types of commercial trellis netting: plastic and soft mesh. Find out everything you need to know about commercial trellis netting so you can pick exactly what you need for your garden and grow needs.

What Does Trellis Netting Do?

Trellis netting helps to support plants as they grow, promoting heartier and bigger yields. It can be installed horizontally or vertically and come in various sizes.

The netting has rectangular openings through which plants grow, preventing flowers and fruits from falling and making it easier for them to grow strong and big.

You’ll have to decide which type and size of commercial trellis netting will work best for your project. The applications go beyond supporting plants during growth. They also are great for hanging plants to dry or cure.

How High Should My Trellis Netting Be?

How high you should place your trellis netting depends on the needs of your plants, how much space you have, and how big the plants will get at full maturity. How high this should be hung also will depend on your method of cultivation.  

When installing horizontally over plant beds or rows, you generally want to place each layer 12 to 16 inches above another. Don’t suffocate your plants; just use your best judgment.  

If you know the plants will outgrow their support system, be sure to install a layer before your plants need it so they can grow into it, rather than having to be put on life support.

Types of Commercial Trellis Netting 

Commercial trellis netting is divided into two categories: soft mesh nylon and plastic.

Soft Mesh Nylon Commercial Trellis Netting

Soft mesh nylon commercial trellis netting is a bit softer than plastic and polyester. Soft mesh trellis is best suited for delicate flowering plants, including tomatoes.

This type is long lasting, can be used horizontally or vertically, and is just as sturdy and strong as plastic and polyester trellis netting.

Here are the best soft mesh nylon options by Common Culture available on our website:

5’ x 225’ with 3.5” squares 

Common culture offers commercial soft mesh trellis netting in three popular sizes. For smaller gardens and plants, 3.5-inch squares will offer the best support.

5’ x 350’ with 6” squares

The trellis options with 6-inch squares are better suited for larger projects and plants, and are easier to weave and reach through as you work with the plants.


6.5’ x 350’ with 6” squares

The 5-foot-wide trellis options are available in 22-foot and 350-foot lengths, and the wider 6.5-foot-wide trellis comes in 350-foot length. The 5-foot-wide trellis is suitable for most applications, but for wider beds or rows the 6.5-foot width is recommended.


Plastic Commercial Trellis Netting

Plastic commercial trellis netting is durable and affordable for large farm and agricultural applications.  

While not as soft as other materials, such as nylon or polyester, plastic trellis netting is still a viable option to support and protect plants, stalks, branches, flowers, fruits and foliage.  

Common Culture’s plastic commercial trellis netting is available in bulk rolls that are 4 feet, 5 feet, or 6.5 feet wide, and 4,920 feet long, with 6-inch squares. These are a great choice for serious projects on large farms and grow operations.  


How Do I Use Trellis Netting?

Commercial trellis netting is used to line rows horizontally and/or vertically, supporting plants during growth, hanging crops, and other purposes. The goal is to make plants grow bigger and heartier.  

To cover garden beds or rows horizontally, you’ll need to put in fence stakes about every 10 feet along the sides of the row or bed. Pull a square of netting over each fence stake and make sure it is pulled tight to both sides to create a strong structure for plants to grow through. 

You can also hang trellis netting vertically to give support to vining and climbing plants. To hang trellis vertically just nail, staple, or attach to a high beam or rail so that it hangs freely toward the ground. You can secure it to the ground or just let it hang and the plants will climb on their own as they grow.  

When Should I Set Up My Trellis Netting?

Make sure you transplant your plants into garden beds or rows before installing trellis netting horizontally across the row or bed. Depending on plant size, you’ll want to place a sheet every 6 to 12 vertical inches.

It’s easiest to install one layer of trellis netting at a time as the plant grows. This will make pruning, trimming, and training easier as you work with the plants.

Pro tip: When harvesting, cut the netting layers in half down the middle of the row or bed and peel the layers off the top of the plants.  Otherwise, you’ll easily get tangled up trying to cut away little squares or peel off an entire layer.

For vertical gardens, install the trellis as soon as plants are transplanted and in their proper locations. You might be able to reuse vertical trellis netting to cut costs. 

bulk trellis netting for commercial growingbulk trellis netting for commercial growing

Best Value Commercial Trellis Netting for Plants

The value of using commercial grade trellis netting by Common Culture is twofold.  

First, it reduces damage to plants—from ground rot, insects, rodents, and garden pests. Second, it produces bigger, healthier yields.  

Trellis netting by Common Culture helps to boost yield by keeping fruits and flowers clean and off the ground, in big and small garden spaces. 

Common Culture is the leading brand because it is  

  • Effective
  • Versatile
  • Proven
  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Durable  

An added bonus to the value of Common Culture commercial trellis netting is that each bulk roll now comes with a free pair of 2-inch Trojan scissors. 

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