Our Top Picks for the Best LED Grow Lights Under $200

led grow lights that cost less than $200

Choosing your grow lights is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for an indoor grow. Plants thrive from the energy the lights provide, but there’s a wide range of grow light types and options to choose from. Making the decision important is one other factor: Indoor LED grow lights are typically the most costly to buy, although the least expensive to run.

Quite a few factors make LED lighting for indoor growth increasingly popular. LED grow lights:

  • Can maximize growth.
  • Require little if any augmentation.
  • Use less electricity.
  • Last longer.
  • Prove cost-effective over time.

Yes, some LED setups come with a hefty price tag. The lights here, however, are priced to keep you under budget. To find out which lights are inexpensive to buy and operate, keep reading for our guide to the best LED grow lights under $200.

1. Prism Lighting Science Stealth LED Grow Lights - 320W


When you’re searching for a versatile LED grow light that can handle veg and bloom with optimal spectrums, Prism Lighting Science Stealth 320W is a winner. Prism Lighting Science designed this all-in-one LED light system with the cost-savvy home grower in mind. The company has optimized manufacturing to deliver the latest LED technology at the lowest cost possible. The Prism Lighting Science Stealth grow light uses Epistar and Bridgelux LEDs to offer the entire spectrum ideal for optimal plant photosynthesis, including UV and IR wavelengths.

With this model, Prism Lighting Science proves you don’t have to pay the highest cost to receive the highest-quality LED grow lights. The Science Stealth system is simple to set up, with its own hanging brackets. It saves you from swapping lights or bulbs when flipping from veg to bloom. The energy-efficient model not only saves you a buck for initial start-up costs at just $199, but also helps with long-term electricity costs. With a 3' x 6' grow area for veg, and 2’ x 4’ grow area for bloom, Prism Lighting Science Stealth 320 W LED Grow Light is the top choice for any indoor grower looking to maximize ROI for yields and cost.

2. Spectrum King Mother’s Lil Helper 100W LED Grow Light


The Spectrum King Mother’s Lil Helper 100W Grow Light is aptly named for the energy it provides to early-bloom plants. Using advanced technology, this model is designed specifically to promote healthy and optimal growth of mother plants, clones, and seedlings. When growing, you’ll find out quickly that the health of your blooming plants is dependent on the health of their mothers and on the veg stage. That reality emphasizes the importance of investing in the best lighting for beginning growth.

At $100, the Spectrum King Mother’s Lil Helper 100W LED Grow Light doesn’t come with a shocking price tag. This simple yet innovative setup is perfectly priced for commercial or personal growers seeking to improve their operations from start to finish. The advanced LED lights for veg are encapsulated by a commercial-grade fixture for less maintenance and maximum exposure. In fact, the model comes equipped with a 3-year warranty that kicks in if light output falls below 90%. If you’re seeking to level up in veg, there’s no more cost-efficient or effective option than the Spectrum King Mother’s Lil Helper.

3. Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 100 V2 LED - 100W


Horticulture Lighting Group continues to reign as one of the best LED grow light brands with the HLG 100 V2 LED 100W model. For just $149, growers are treated to the advanced technology of Samsung lighting with improved canopy penetration. The model not only delivers energy efficiency but also offers white, full-spectrum light for optimizing growth. The fixture has a proven, reliable passive cooling design.

The HLG 100 V2 LED is compact, maximizing space in any grow room or setup, while still delivering a grow area footprint of 3’ x 3’ and 2' x 2' for flowering. Even though the model is lightweight and easily movable, you’ll also gain the benefit of avoiding any light changes between growth phases. Last, but not least, the HLG 100 V2 LED makes our list for the best LED grow light under $200 for the power it delivers to your plants, efficiently. As, the fixture is capable of producing 15,000+ Lumens with just 95 Watts of power.

4. Iluminar iLW 2.5 Single Xtra-Wide LED Rail (47in) - 40-80W - 120-277V


If you’re working with low-clearance spaces, it’s best to maximize the space you have—one reason the Iluminar iLW 2.5 Single Xtra-Wide LED Rail makes our list of best LED lights for indoor growing. The unique, elongated design provides ideal coverage for an optimal veg environment, evident in the frequent use of this model for agriculture purposes, such as reviving defoliated microgreens. Despite its size, the Iluminar iLW Xtra-Wide LED Rail is low-heat and comes in 40W, 60W and 80W options, all under $200, and with an astounding five-year warranty.

Adding to its ability to make the most of any space, the light can be daisy-chained with dual, triple and quad connectors. That spares your budget of extra costs and your space of additional powerstrips and outlets for larger grows. At just 2.2 pounds, the Iluminar iLW Xtra-Wide LED Rail proves highly versatile for lowering, raising, and moving when changing your light setup or space. All the while it delivers optimal growing energy from its multiple spectrum LED diodes with an indoor full-sun spectrum.

5. Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 65 V2 LED - 65W


Another LED grow light for under $200 comes from Horticulture Lighting Group, which is making strides in optimizing energy efficiency. HLG is aiming to establish the lowest cost possible for commercial and personal growers alike. Horticulture Lighting Group equips the HLG 65 V2 LED model with 120 Samsung advanced LM301B LEDs.

The quantum board design is highly efficient while producing a 4000K full-spectrum white light, ideal for clones and veg plants. The design has diffused lighting to improve canopy penetration and has a reliable and passive cooling design to control temps. While the model does not daisy-chain, it’s the perfect size, weight and price (at only $99) for optimizing plant health with efficiency in smaller veg rooms or spaces.

Cutting Costs and Boosting Growth

If you’re looking to cut costs while boosting growth, consider our picks for the best LED grow lights Under $200. Whether your operation is big or small, everyone can benefit from coming in under budget, especially on otherwise costly light setups for indoor grows. So, go ahead: Add to your carts now, or bookmark this guide for when you’re shopping next.