Best Trim Trays & Trim Bins for Harvesting

Discover what makes a great trim tray or bin and browse our picks for the best setups below.

Growing plants in your home garden or commercial operation takes a ton of work. Finishing your favorite crop without the help of a trim bin or trim tray is possible, but you’ll be wasting time and valuable plant matter if you don't have one.

What Is a Trim Tray?

Trim trays sit on a table or in trimmers’ laps while they process a crop. Leaves and other trimmed vegetable matter fall into the tray.

Trim trays are ergonomically designed for hands and wrists to rest comfortably over the tray, reducing fatigue and promoting fluid and comfortable work.

The best trim trays have two bins:

  • A top bin to catch trimmings, equipped with a screen to allow pollen and other fine material to pass through.
  • A bottom tray to catch valuable pollen, and terpene- and flavonoid-rich trichomes.

Less expensive trim trays that collect pollen in a bag are not as efficiently designed and are harder to use and clean. The valuable products caught by the solid bottom layer on a trim tray otherwise might be lost or wasted. Smartly designed trim trays help gardeners and growers work productively and comfortably.

How Do You Use a Trim Tray?

Set up a workstation for your trim tray where you’ll be taking in fresh crops that need to be trimmed and processed. Work in small batches over the trim tray or trim bin to keep flowers and fruits fresh and to reduce exposure to the air.

Always work over your trim tray or bin to ensure optimal collection of flowers, fruits and pollen.

Separate the collector reservoir below the primary trim tray — that is, separate it from the top bin that has the screen — and gently gather anything that has fallen through. A brush works well to gather what the bottom bin collects through the top tray’s screen. Better trim bins include a brush.

Clean the trim tray and workstation after use. Wipe down both layers of the trim bin and all tools with isopropyl alcohol.

What is the Best Trim Tray?

The best trim tray is going to be the one that works best for your needs and feels most comfortable. Look below to see our highlighted trim trays and trim bins for 2021.

Made with quality, durable materials and built for maximum ergonomic efficiency, these trim bins exceed industry standards and will make processing your harvest a breeze.

Common Culture Harvest Trim Tray with Micron Screen


The well-made, smartly designed Common Culture Harvest Trim Tray is versatile. It’s easy to use for any at-home gardener and crafted to be durable enough for commercial cultivation trimming.

It has no unnecessary ridges or rivets that would cause a cakey buildup of pollen or unwanted veg.

The bottom of the Common Culture Harvest Trim Tray is smooth, so it slides easily when needed, but it can be outfitted with eight foam pads to make it non-slip.

  • Here at GrowersHouse, where the Common Culture Harvest Trim Tray was designed, we receive tons of feedback from growers who use it. Here’s what they say they love about this most comfortable trim bin:
  • Larger than competing trim trays
  • Taller top tray height than other trim trays
  • Flush screen with a level surface to prevent buildup of loose pollen
  • Easily replaceable screen
  • Non-flexing durable frame that’s thicker than competing trim trays
  • An included wallet magnifying glass
  • Rubber feet modification
  • Low-profile design for easy use, carrying and storage

This trim tray also comes with a pollen collection brush to gather anything that accumulates in the catch tray below the 150-micron screen top tray.

The bonus wallet magnifying glass that comes with the Common Culture trim tray helps to inspect plant material for quality and signs of pest or disease damage.

Trim Bin by Harvest More – Black


The Trim Bin by Harvest More is sturdy and ergonomically designed for stress-free trimming and high yields. The top tray is a trim bin featuring a 150-micron stainless steel screen.

The Trim Bin by Harvest More comes with a static brush to gather plant material that accumulates in the lower tray. Just tap it to release any pollen or trichomes stuck to the bristles.

  • Here’s what GrowersHouse customers say they love about this trim bin:
  • Ergonomically designed for hours of comfortable trimming
  • Wide rim with a rounded top to prevent wrist pain
  • Easily stored, stackable design
  • High walls for excellent capacity
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in California

This trim tray is a great choice for commercial or home use to help reduce stress while working and to increase productivity.

Instantly turn any table, chair or couch into a comfortable workstation with the Trim Bin by Harvest More. It’s easy to set up, use and clean.

Common Culture Trojan 2 Inch Scissors w/ Extra Spring


Don’t forget to stock up on the most affordable high-quality, spring-loaded trimming scissors, Common Culture Trojan Trimming Shears. Our in-house brand of trimming scissors comes in two varieties, straight and curved.

Both scissors are ideal for trimming and shaping plants, including bonsai; cloning; trimming flowers; or for herb gardening. They feature:

  • Rust-resistant stainless-steel blades
  • Ergonomic, spring-loaded handle
  • Extra spring

The curved scissors have a slight curve upwards that helps to reach hard-to-trim areas during vegetation on harvest. The straight scissors are the classic trimming scissors with no curve.

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