Bubble Magic Shaker Extraction Bucket Unboxing & Video Review

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Video Transcript:

"Hey everyone, Nate from Growers House here, and today we're showing off the Bubble Magic Shaker Extraction machine. Now this can be used to extract plant material such as lavender or other herbs, more easily than almost all other alternatives. Now, the Bubble Magic Shaker kit comes with two components. First off it comes with the Shaker bag, which is a neoprene waterproof bag that is sticky on the inside, soft on the outside, and it comes with some nice handles. You then fit onto the plastic Bubble can. The neoprene shaker bag comes with a micron screen on the bottom, with different micron sizes that you'll buy it in.

They make the Bubble Shaker bag available in three available micron sizes: 73 micron, 120 micron, and 190 micron. Though it only comes with one of these, you can buy them separately, so if you wanted all micron sizes, you could easily get them. What makes the Bubble Magic unique is that it's the only shaker we know in the market that has a plastic can that helps shield you from the very, very cold temperatures of the dry ice. The neoprene is the second layer that helps shield you from the extreme temperatures that the dry ice will create inside of the can. These shaker handles also make it very easy to hold the can without directly touching it.

To use the Bubble Magic Shaker, all you have to do is put in your dry plant material in the can along with some dry ice. I don't have some dry material, but this will work fine. For dry ice, we recommend using approximately 6-10 pieces of dry ice the size of your standard refrigerator ice cubes. And we recommend having about an inch of plant material inside the can. If you can easily crush your dry ice into smaller pieces, you will increase the amount of frozen surface area increasing the speed of the extraction process.

Now finally you take your shaker bag, and put it over the shaker can, which you then zip the zipper up in the back. Turn the can away from you, flip it, and you simply grab the handles and shake it like this. Make sure you do it over a hard, large, flat area, and that's where the material will come out. We recommend an area that's about 3' x 3' or larger. Other than that, we really want to make sure you stay very careful with dry ice because it can be very dangerous if not handled properly. This is Nate from Growers House, have a great day and happy extracting."