California Light Works Solar Flare 200W LED Grow Light Video Review

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Video Transcript:
"Hey everyone, this is Nate with Growers House and today we're doing the unboxing of the Solar Flare from California Light Works. Now this comes in three different spectral blends and today we have the VegMaster, which is optimized for vegetative growth. Oh, so this unit is actually made in the USA as you can see here--that's a nice change of pace. And this model comes with a 2-year warranty and this one is a smaller unit that comes with 5 watt LEDs--40 of them, as you can probably see here. Now this is a really sturdy model. California Light Works is new, but this feels like a really robust LED. It's made out of what feels like aluminum and what feels like another type of metal. I think this is going to be a heavy-duty unit. Let's take out the power cord here, and let's plug it in.

California Light Works 200w SolarFlare LEDOkay here, we go. [Let me move this to the side]. We can take a look at what this covers. This unit they say is built for a 3 x 3 foot area. It looks like it can cover this table that is about 4 feet wide. This unit is pretty light. Weighs about 9 lbs. I can carry it pretty easily, one hand no problem. 9 inches by 9 inches by 4 inches high. And if you see in the top here, there's an axial fan that actually cools it. So the fan and cooling is built into the unit, which is convenient. Alex probably won't like this too much because this unit is bright but we can have a look at the unit while it's on here. You can see that there are red, blue, and white LEDs. The engineers over at California Light Works optimized this. I think they were doing testing for 5 years in order to create this light to make the optimal PAR, which is the Photosynthetically Active Radiation that plants need during vegetative growth.

California Light Works 200w SolarFlare LEDWe actually grabbed this unit to grow in our retail store so we're going to set it up and see how the plants like it. Here we have it set up in our store over a couple cloning machines and a cut tray, and it's looking really nice. This has been up for a day now and it looks like the plants are really liking it. I can feel that there's very little heat here, and it's really quite. I can hear the fan working, but that's about it. The water trickling through out Botanicare Cloning Machine is actually louder than the light. I think we're pretty happy with this. We'll see how it does over time, but we're liking it so far. Well that's it for today, this is Nate with Growers House--we'll catch you next time."

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