Haight Solid State PPF-800Rv2 LED Grow Light Video Review

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Video Transcript:

"Hey everyone this is Nate from Growers House and today we just received in our Haight Solid State PPF-800Rv2. This is the new version of the common PPF-800. This one just came out about one month ago, it now being January 2012. This one is 175 watt actualy draw. 20 inches long by 15 inches wide, and amazingly 1 inch thick. Reminds me of an iPhone of LED lights. Let's plug this in and see what it looks like.

So here it is turned on. This unit comes with red, blue, and white diodes. The red diodes are actually high powered OSRAM diodes coming out of Germany that are 3 watts. The light white and the light red are 6 watt diodes. They say this covers about a 4 x 5 foot space, and that's a little rectangular because the unit itself is rectangular. We're going to put it in a tent we have that is just under 4 x 4 and see how it works in that in our retail area.

We now have the LED set up in our HydroHut tent. I just want to show you this briefly, what Haight recommends is using a small twist tie to tie up the cord to keep any moisture from running down the cord and into the unit. Now we're going to plug it in and see how the plants like it. Here's the unit turned on. It's pretty bright, illuminating this tent really well. It's a little higher than we're actually going to keep it right now, but we wanted to keep it this high to show it off a little better. We're probably going to keep it 12 inches above the plants and see how the plants respond and go from there. That's it for the PPF-800Rv2 LED grow light with Growers House. Have a good one."