How To Setup A Grow Tent Kit: Complete Guide With Video

How To Setup Your Indoor Grow Tent Kit | Complete Guide

Hey everyone, Nate from Growers House here and today I’m going to show you how to put together a complete grow tent kit, specifically the ones that we have designed. If you're looking to put together a new grow tent package, we have my options to choose from including pre-made kits designed by our staff or using our Grow Tent Customization builder to make one perfect to your specifications of size, lighting, and grow style. Click on either of the images below to get your new grow tent kit:

Staff Designed Grow Tent PackagesStaff Designed Grow Tent Packages
Staff Designed Grow Tent Packages
Grow Tent Kit BuilderGrow Tent Kit Builder
Grow Tent Kit Builder


If you landed here, you might have already bought a grow tent kit and you’re just figuring out how to put it together or you’re thinking about getting one. Either way, the video above can help you really figure out how to put everything together.

I'll be putting together a grow tent kit using components that we often have in kits. These grow tent kits were designed by our staff and the products are somewhat unique to us, although many other products in the market are similar.

How to set up a grow tent kit

Step one is assembling the grow tent with the easily included instructions. The Plant House tents we're using in this video are rugged, built to last, and can be put together in 15 minutes. I personally have a 3' x 3' at my house that has been working flawlessly over the last year.

After following the instructions to build the grow tent, you'll want to pay close attention to the cross bars that go along the ceiling where you will hang much of your equipment including lights, fans, and carbon filters. 

Some cross beams hang lower than others so that they can criss-cross in a 'X' or perpendicular fashion. When done properly you have this lattice on the roof and the highest bar is where you'll hang your heaviest equipment since it can bear its weight on the other one or two cross bars. On the lower bars you can still hang things, but just think of them doing approximately half as much weight. 

How to setup a fan & Carbon filter in a grow tent kit

After you've completed setting up your grow tent, the second step you'll want to complete is setting up your fan, carbon filter, and ventilation setup. Do this before hanging your light! That's a common rookie mistake ;)

There is no one perfect way to set up a fan and carbon filter setup. The diagram below shows four different ways to set it up. Usually, the factors that dictate how you set up a grow tent kit ventilation system are:

  • The size of your grow tent: is your tent small and you need to put the fan outside of the tent, but carbon filter inside?
  • The height of your grow tent: do you have enough vertical height to have both the fan + carbon filter inside the tent? Above the light as well or to the side of it?
  • Fan inside or outside of the tent: some people like keeping the fan inside the grow tent so that it can muffle the noise of the fan slightly.
  • Air-cooled lights or non air-cooled lights: air cooled lights will need ducting hooked up to them. This will mean ducing, fan, light, and the carbon filter all have to be in sync to connect to one another.

Every carbon filter comes with what's called a dust sock. This dust sock keeps particulates from getting into the carbon and clogging it up. You’ll probably wanna change this out every, about every twelve months, and they are inexpensive--usually just a few bucks.

Ventilation Setup ConfigurationsVentilation Setup Configurations
Ventilation Setup Configurations
Fan Connected to Carbon Filter with Dust SockFan Connected to Carbon Filter with Dust Sock
Fan Connected to Carbon Filter with Dust Sock

The next thing you’ll wanna get out are the straps that come with the grow tent kit. We're going to use these to hang our carbon filter and fan, although this could be different for you depending on your fan + carbon filter setup design. If you don't have enough straps, I'd highly recommend using adjustable ratchet light hangers

Now if you’ve seen our instruction guide you’ll notice that we said to get some wire cutters. The wire cutters are really helpful to cut the wires in the ducting so you can manipulate it better to fit over the flange of your fan, carbon filter or grow light.

Now we’re gonna fit the ducting over the flange and tape it up. That said, we do include hose clamps in case you like those better. In that case you'll just need a flat head screwdriver, but personally, I’ve set up a lot of tents, I like tape so if you wanna be really safe you can tape it and then hose clamp it. 

Inline Fan strap hangerInline Fan strap hanger
Inline Fan Strap Hanger

Grow Tent Kit Light hanging guide

Hanging your light should be pretty self explanatory. Use ratchet light hangers to suspend it from the roof in the middle of the tent so it evently spreads its light distribution.

We always include adjustable pulleys with all of our grow tent kits and these make sure you can raise and lower your light really easily as your plants grow from seedlings or clones to full blown flowering plants ready to harvest.

Grow Tent Kit Fan and relative humidity setup

And once you have any power cords, ventilation through any porthole, I recommend cinching up all of the port holes. Cinching up the port holes will help you keep your environment inside the grow tent from getting out of it, including smell, temperature, and relative humidity.

We include a clip fan with all of our grow tent kits to get some air movement over the canopy. This air movement is really important if you don’t want powdery mildew, pests or insects to set up shop on your plants. This is a weird analogy but hear me out--think of your feet. If you ever get calluses, a plant’s stalk also acts in much the same way, and what I mean by that is if a plant is never used to getting air moving on it then its stalk then it will become very flimsy.

So pushing air over your plant making it wave back and forth actually makes it more robust and hearty so you always want to be pushing air over your plants if you can. I recommend hanging this up from any of the bars in your grow tent pointing down towards your plants.

That's about everything for getting your tent setup together. We haven't covered pots, soil, or hydroponics systems in this post because they deserve a post of their own. Now it's time for you to get the statisfaction of growing your own plants, which will always be more fulfilling then anything you'll buy. Happy growing :)

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