Kessil H380 LED Grow Light Review and Test

Hey everyone, Nate from GrowersHouse here and today we have the new Kessil H380 Halo Spectrum 2 Grow Light. Now you guys may know the Kessil H350 Deep Purple and Kessil H350 Magenta lights from Kessil which this light is coming to replace. And you’ll notice there’s only one of these that’s actually because Kessil built both of their dual spectrum into one light.


H380 Reflector

Which is really cool because now you can essentially use this small knob in the back to turn the light on. The first light is the purple spectrum which is for vegetative growth that you would use for your plants or if you have any plants that are just leafy that don't fruit or flower then you would use this spectrum. But once you go into the flowering phase of growth you would turn it to the magenta or the bloom spectrum. The purple spectrum would really help to produce plants that are more lush and squat, a lot of node growth, really bushy and then when you turn it over to the flowering spectrum that would promote more quantity and quality of yield that you want to get out of your plants.

Now the cool thing about about this light versus the previous model Kessil H350 is that Kessil has made quite a few updates and LED technology has changed since then. This model does have similar spectrum that you saw on those last units but kessil did a cool thing in adding UV Ultra violet spectrum to this light. So now this has UVA built into it. Which makes it a fuller spectrum that plants are used to having UV spectrum from the sun and now this light has it integrated. And the magenta and purple spectrum are similar to what you’ve already seen from Kessil they said the spectrum they have developed for this unit that is slightly changed by adding the UV and making the spectrum wider to give it a more full spectrum coverage to more closely resemble the light that plants are used to getting from a natural source of the sun.

H380_ref2Another cool thing is the total redesign of the internal reflector. The new internal reflector is designed to direct the light down intensely, that focus ensures better vertical penetration of the light. So that you can grow taller plants with them. The footprint diameter is still about 2 feet across and that’s really for blooming, if you are doing vegetative growth you probably have a 2.5 foot diameter coverage. That is pretty awesome considering this unit is only 85 watts at the wall. We will hook this up to our Kill-A-Watt meter and run a spectral analysis on it and tell you what we get. But for 85 watts for that size area of 2 feet diameter, Kessil says, to use four units to replace a 1000Watt light. So this light is the equivalent to 250W HID light. Lastly it does have a small lens here but Kessil says that they use a unique material that doesn't block a lot of the UV spectrum so that plants can make the most of it. This light is now available and ready to go. At only about 20% more than the older models for two lights in one. They also say the overall spectral intensity is 28% more than the standard H350 models even though at the wall it is only using 5 watts more. This is a pretty cool new light we are excited about. Stay tuned for a giveaway for one of these.

Kessil H380 PAR Chart

Looking at our testing results, you can see that the Kessil light is very intense directly below (the light) in the 1 ft. and even 2 ft. but when you get out to the 3 foot range that’s really stretching the limits of what this light is able to cover effectively in that area.

Kessil H380 Spectra

One of the things that I thought was most interesting was looking at the spectrum, I noticed that the spectrum on the Kessil H380 follow the chlorophyll A and B maximum absorption spectra very well. you can see that there is more blues on the left side in the 400-450 nanometer range during the grow and during the bloom there is much more in the 700 nanometer range so obviously they are following the spectrum where plants best use the radiation to photosynthesize the light.


We also tested this light coming out of the wall with a rating of .84 amps and only 94.4 watts so yeah this is definitely an energy saving light with some good versatility to it with adjustable spectrum that is the test for the Kessil H380 Halo Spectrum 2 Grow Light. If you have any questions let us know. This is Nate from GrowersHouse, Happy Growing!

Download the Kessil H380 Test Result PDF Here