LED Grow Lights for Seed Starting, Propagation, and Veg Review & Unboxing - HLG, AgroLED & Growlite

9 minute read · September 26, 2018

Hey everyone, Nate with GrowersHouse here and I decided to bring actually a few different products to review today because these products have been making an impact on the market, especially for propagating, seed starting, and vegetative growth and what these are, what I have with me today are LEDs and not only that they're LEDs that are really going after traditional forms of lighting like HPS, Metal Halide, T5 fluorescents things like that, so I wanted to show them off to you because these really are the lights that are pushing the envelope in this regard and they are not extremely expensive like you might be used to seeing LEDs a few years ago.

So I wanted to start off with honestly one of my favorite new LEDs that just came out, they're from Horticultural Lighting Group, they're called the Quantum Boards. Now look at this LED, it is literally probably 3 or 4 millimeters thick potentially even less I'm not even sure. This is actually just a 65-watt LED and the cool thing is I mean this thing you can buy it in different kelvins, 3K, 4K, or 5K so if wanna use for veg or for propagation or even for flower you can, I mean with a 65-watt LED like this which comes with a driver, basically for most of you people who are used to ballasts just think of this as your ballast and it also comes with hanging hardware. So the cool thing is with this driver you simply plug it into this end and you can turn the light on which I might as well go for right now.

HLG 65wSo here is this little guy turned on and it is very bright to the eye these things work really well. The cool thing you will notice is there are two driver inputs and that's actually because you can daisy-chain these lights, but if you do recognize that you're putting the same amount of power through it so if you have two of these with one driver you are basically covering more area but not really using more power, there are slight small differences but really not too much. Now the cool thing is this 65-watt LED is only 99 dollars we sell it for that's delivered. This can cover like a 2x2 foot area for veg or for flower maybe I'd say more of like a 1.5x1.5 or 2x1 foot area.

I'm gonna go ahead and unplug this now, but what they've been doing is using these two brackets and actually hanging this fixture vertically inside of their tents for side lighting. It's really one of those extremely versatile lights just because of its form factor, how inexpensive it is and how easy they are to run. The cool thing is this is the 65-watt version they also have the same thing in basically their 100-watt version which is $149 and just comes with a slightly larger driver, but this thing weights like nothing and it is super thin so if you have really low ceiling height or tent height or if you have like multi-layer racking for propagation these can fit right in there no problem, daisy-chain them not a worry at all. We've been loving these lights so far so I highly recommend them, so let me put these guys down and we'll move on to the next one.

Horticulture Lighting Group 100W 1 Quantum Boards HLG100 Horticulture Lighting Group 100W 1 Quantum Board HLG100

So the next thing I really wanted to show everyone is how these basically T5 (fluorescent) lights are getting replaced by T5 LEDs. So if you take a look here, this what looks like a T5 light is actually an LED light and this one (AgroLED T5 5500k) is I believe a 5500 Kelvin so really good for like vegetative growth and the cool thing is it's only 41-watts per LED so when you're rocking 41-watts per LED you've got to compare it to basically the 54-watts that you're getting with a normal T5 lamp so if you think about it this is basically a 30% reduction of light from your T5s and this is giving you a bulb that is gonna last much longer than a T5 lamp, T5 lamps usually last about a year and then they go out, this guy is probably gonna last you like 5 years so the cool thing is they don't even cost that much they are usually about 20 bucks for these, where you buy a normal T5 lamp and you're probably paying usually they are about 10 bucks so you pay twice as much but you last 5 times as long as is 30% less power and the cool thing is they're actually designing these LED with very specific spectrums.

Nate holding an AgroLED T5 5500k LED bulb What I also really want to do is just show how this works I mean if you think about it when these are running 54-watts, if you do 54-watts times four this fixture normally ran at 216-watts total, now you change it out with all of these and you're at 164-watts and the cool thing is I have 5500 Kelvin here a good veg spectrum and then here I have one of the lights (AgroLED iSunlight T5 LED) offered by Sunlight, by the way, these are both the ArgoLED by Sunlight and there are a few different companies that are offering these the AgroLED is what we have here and you know we've really liked them so far.

AgroLED iSunlight 41 Watt T5 4 ft VEG + UV LED Lamp AgroLED iSunlight 41 Watt T5 4 ft VEG + UV LED Lamp

This one (AgroLED ISunlight T5 UV LED) is actually a UV-based bulb so what I'm gonna do is turn this on for you really fast, probably blind the camera but we'll get some good shots of it and there you go looking at that white spectrum the one that's really good for veg and then boom now we are turning on the UV spectrum and now you can see that you can make a really nice mixed spectrum if you want and be able to operate these same T5 fixtures that you might already have in your house or your growing operation. We are using it with the Grow Crew normal T5 fixture where you can change on two banks and that's it for the T5 fixtures but that leads me into the next fixture that I really want to chat about which is the Growlite fixture.

So the Growlite, you might have known them from making the Growlite 8" Air-cooled Reflector but they've actually gotten into LEDs and they're making a light for vegetating and propagating that's maybe very similar to what you've seen in industrial and commercial buildings. So this is actually one of them if you take a look at this thing, also extremely thin, if you take a look at this the fixture itself probably half an inch and then you have the driver here which might add another inch and a half, ok so we are probably talking two inches thick total and if you look at this guy it's about one foot by 4 foot so almost made to mimic the same size of this fixture we have here and it comes with little built-in hangers if you want to hang it here on every corner and this fixture is only 40-watts, so this fixture (Growlite Flatpanel 1' x 4' 40w) is actually the same amount of wattage as one of those T5 LED bulbs we were just looking at.

Growlite Flat Panel Veg LED Cloning Light - 1' x 4' (40w) Growlite Flat Panel Veg LED Cloning Light - 1' x 4' (40w)

Being 40-watts this light might not be great for vegetative growth because the intensity really isn't there, but for propagation and seed starting I think this is going to be an amazing fixture so because of this light's form factor I think this light's going to be really great for people that need to make sure they have a slim light to fix inside of those tight multi-layered racks and just want to save on electricity cause at 40-watts replacing something that used to 216-watts, potentially down to 164-watts with the LED replacement T5 bulbs, now down to 40-watts you're talking a huge savings.

Nate holding Growlite Flatpanel 1' x 4' 40w Now let's turn this on so you guys can take a look and see what the light looks like coming out of this guy, and here we are, you can see illuminating the light below and I'll point it towards the camera a little bit and you can see it's a nice white diffuse light it makes it very easy for you to uniformly light your plants which is what you really want, you want even, consistent light over your canopy, no hot spots and no what we call "dead zones" where you don't get a lot of light.

Now one of these fixtures is you know we are selling it on our site either usually ranging about $130-ish give or take and they actually make different versions of this so this is a one-foot by 4-foot its 40-watts and they also make a two-foot by two-foot that's 40-watts or they make a 2-foot by 4-foot that's 68-watts, so there are different basically setups for you depending on how large your area is that you want to illuminate and these are the new LEDs that are taking the growing industry by storm, they are helping people save money, illuminate their plants better, and really just kind of save space as well so you can maximize your grow environment, and not only that you know T5 fixtures like this used to be going for about $100-130 and you're going from 216-watts down to 40-watts to maybe do propagating with your plants there is a huge savings in electricity for a very small markup maybe an extra 20-30% on the front end.

So you know that's it for today I wanted to show you those LEDs, this is Nate with GrowersHouse, Happy Growing!

Horticulture Lighting Group 65W 1 Quantum Board HLG65 Horticulture Lighting Group 65W 1 Quantum Board HLG65
Horticulture Lighting Group 300W 2 Quantum Boards HLG300 Horticulture Lighting Group 300W 2 Quantum Boards HLG300
Horticulture Lighting Group 300W 2 Quantum Boards HLG300 V2 Horticulture Lighting Group 300W 2 Quantum Boards HLG300 V2
Horticulture Lighting Group 500W 4 Quantum Boards HLG550 V2 HLG Horticulture Lighting Group 500W 4 Quantum Boards HLG550 V2 HLG

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