OG Vertical Reflector Hood by Growlite Unboxing Review

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Video Transcript:

"Hey everyone it's Nate with Growers House and today we have a new product that we just brought in. Now this is the OG Vertical Reflector from Growlite. As you see, this reflector is black, and actually has a powder coated finish which feels pretty nice. And when we asked Growlite why their reflector is black, not for any reason in particular, they just said that they want to be different! Their OG reflector is quite different than many other reflectors on the market.

We wanted to show you how to put together this reflector because it comes with a couple components out of the box. Here is the top portion that mounts on the top of the reflector here and the bulb screws into, as you can see the mogul socket. Before we install this I want to go over some of the componentry and cool features of this OG reflector. As you can see here, the inside of this reflector is uniquely designed. It's actually a patented design the way the airflow moves through this reflector. And it uses a combination of mirror finish and pebbled finish that makes sure it directs light very intensly over a 4' x 4' area.

We've actually used one of these reflectors before under a PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) meter, which we'll show in another test, but this has been stronger than any other reflector we've tested over a 4' x 4' area. You can barely see it, but I can put my hand through, this is actually where the air will come through when you hook this up to a fan and your venting accessories. This is all 95% reflective German aluminum. The housing is made of aluminum or steel. You can see as I said earlier, this is hinged glass that I could easily undo if I wanted to clean my reflector in 5 minutes that would be no problem. There's also pretty nice gasket material so it looks like you're going to get a pretty good seal. So lets put this one back on and flip this guy over and we're going to set it up.

Okay, so now we have the OG reflector all set up and I want to go over some other characteristics. This reflector is 22 inches from the end of the housing to the end of the housing or a total of 27 inches from flange to flange. It's about 12 inches tall from the base to the top of the reflector, but to the top of this part here you're looking at about 18 inches. The neat part is that this doesn't add too much height to the reflector because if you note, every reflector has these A hanging hooks, and this is probably 1 inch taller than the hooks that already have to use to hang your reflector from the ceiling. Now this reflector comes with your Standard or Sunlight Supply style cordset so if you wanted to use this with a Hydrofarm ballast than you would need to get an adapter.

So we're also going to put a bulb inside the reflector so that you can see what a bulb looks like inside a vertical reflector. We've actually tried about nine different bulbs in this reflector. They all fit, there weren't any problems. You don't have to worry about any bulbs that you buy in the hydroponics industry being too large to fit in this reflector. Let's go ahead and put this bulb, which is a 1000w HPS (high pressure sodium), pretty long, and put it into this reflector to see what it looks like.

So there we are. That's what your bulb will look like inside this OG reflector. The way it's supposed to work is that the light actually reflects off these walls and gets diverted down in a more concentrated fashion versus your old style reflectors, which can throw your light over a larger area but not as intensely or effectively some might say. I have your frame piece off, and if I hold it like you'll see it in your grow room, you won't see the bulb anymore.

After talking with the people at GrowLite and testing this hood ourselves, they mentioned that if you're growing over a 4' x 8' three of these reflectors with 400w HID bulbs would do as good or better than two 1000w HID bulbs. If you're using a 600w HID bulb or less, and you can use as small as a 250w in this, then keep this reflector 24" above your plants. And if you're using a 1000w then you'll want to keep it up 36" above your plants. This reflector you have to treat a little differently than past reflectors you may have used.

We're excited to get this reflector into testing and we'll definitely put that information and reviews in the comments as soon as that's up. That's it, this is Nate from Growers House--have a good one."