Perfect pH Hydroponics Automatic pH Adjustment Technology Review and Test of Zelda Horticulture

Perfect pH Hydroponics Automatic pH Adjustment Technology Review and Test of Zelda Horticulture

Hey everyone, Nate with GrowersHouse here and I know it's been a little while since I've done a video but I like to do videos when new, novel and kind of interesting products come onto the market. So these we just started offering on our store and I wish I had these probably 7-8-9 years ago when I was running hydroponic systems at my house.

So what this item is, it's called PerfectpH by Zelda Horticulture which is actually very closely tied with Solis Tek if you're familiar with them, a lot of the same people. And so what this thing is, imagine putting this capsule inside of your reservoir and then it keeps your pH between 5.7 and 6.5 for two to three months and you don't have to test your pH, add different pH Up or Down or any other solutions, it makes your life much easier.

So I started asking them some questions about like, how did this come about, where do you guys find this out, like I've never heard of this ever really, and they said basically there are these Ion-composite beads that are in here and where they ended up getting this from is actually it was developed in concert with NASA and Purdue University where they did testing on how to self-regulate reservoirs, probably you know potentially I don't know maybe on the moon or on Mars as I'm sure they were probably thinking about, but how do you do that without having to have a lot of, I don't know, I would just say like, effort put in right, have it automated.

So what's cool is they have a few different sizes, this little guy is for 35 gallon reservoirs and lower, this guy is for a hundred gallon reservoirs and lower, and this is for 250 gallon reservoirs and lower and, like I said, it'll work for about two to three months and at that point in time what you need to do is basically recharge it because what will happen is it will keep your pH in that range and then eventually these ions won't be able to keep the positive Hydrogen ions from going down and your pH will slowly creep up, so once you're above about that 6.5 what you'll want to do is recharge this guy. How you do that is, it comes with this capsule you effectively open the capsule, drop this guy in it, and then pour in the recharge solution and leave it in there for two hours and then you pull it back out and it's ready to go.

So the cool thing is you know even when you buy it out of the box it's ready to go, so you got two or three months before you need this (recharge kits) but after you know about two to three months they said,, you want to check your pH just to make sure cuz it's it does depend on how much your plants are eating and things like that, that's why they give you the two to three month range but another good thing to note is they said, I asked him, I was like, “hey, well like this is a hundred gallon reservoir one let's say I wanted to run it in a 50 gallon reservoir, would it keep the pH lower or would it just last longer”, and they said it's just gonna last longer, the pH is still gonna stay stable there so if you put this hundred gallon reservoir one in a 50 gallon reservoir instead of two to three months maybe you're looking at four to six months, so that's a good note for you guys. One thing you might notice is these all have these 84% humidity Boveda packs in them and they said that that's just in there to keep everything properly stored and they said if you're not using in your reservoir just put the Boveda packs in here and close it up, you don't need to have any water in it, just close it and that's how you store it and you can store it just fine.

So I did ask him, like this thing can't last forever can it, and the answer is no, (it) can't last forever, they said they guarantee it for a year realistically, it does last longer than that but just to be on the safe side after about a year if you're continually using it it's probably good to just buy a new capsule.

So you know other than that, I'm pretty interested in trying these out, it's to me, like set it and forget of pH, which is something that I always wanted and if you think about it, plants if they have a proper pH that's really kept in check about a hundred percent of the time your plants are going to be healthier, they're going to absorb more nutrients and it's tough to do that as a person who checks once a day because you could water it, it goes out of balance, you re-water it, your pH is gonna look like this big zigzag, with something like this they say it's going to be much more flat and consistent, which if you think about it, your plants probably like that rather than having these spikes and troughs of pH. Having a level pH is gonna make an environment that your plants (are) very comfortable in so for that reason alone I'm also very interested in this product.

So we do have these available, I'm gonna actually put the NASA tests up that they do with Purdue in the description below and then, of course, if you'd like to buy it please check out the site, or if you have any questions ask them in the comments below.

This is Nate from Growers House, Happy Growing.

NASA/Purdue University article has not been released yet. We thought it was when we filmed the video. As soon as it is made available to the public, we will link it in this section. Thank you for your understanding :) - GrowersHouse Team