Phresh Carbon Filter & Duct Silencer Review - Odor Removal for Grow Rooms

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Video Transcript:

"Hey everyone, this is Nate with Growers House ( and today we want to show off carbon filters and that's because we get so many questions about what  carbon filter we think is best [for odor removal of grow rooms]. We're going to show you which carbon filter we recommend and show you some accessories to go with it, and we're going to most importantly tell you why we think this is the best carbon filter on the market.

The best carbon filter we feel are the Phresh Filters and this is an example of the 400 CFM (cubic feet per minute) Phresh Filter with the pre-filter on it. Each Phresh Filter will come with a pre-filter, which is essentially a washable polyester screen that keeps particulate matter from getting into the carbon and clogging it up. Now one of the coolest features about Phresh Filters is that not only can you pull air through the filter, and by that I mean you can put your fan on so that it pulls air through the filter from the outside and then comes in. You can actually push into the filter and have the air come out and the filter will still work and take out your particulates and odors, but if you do that make sure you take this pre-filter, fold it up a little bit, and slip it on the inside of your filter rather than having it on the outside. And that is one of the coolest features about these Phresh Filters. If I wanted too, I can just mount my fan and make sure that the exhaust is blowing into the filter and the air will come out through the walls and then we'll have clean air.

Another product I wanted to show you is the Phresh Silencer, which is also known as a duct muffler. These items are really light and what they help do is keep the noise down. You can see I'm holding this with one arm and keeping it horizontal. This guy probably weighs about 4 lbs, and what it really does is keep your fan from being so loud in your grow room. We can show you an example of how loud your fan is without the muffler and then with it. So Tom if you'd go ahead and please turn our fan on. Here's our fan on our filter working as it normally would. Now what I'm going to do is take the muffler where the opening is a little larger on the fan side and then the duct is supposed to go on the other side. So I'll set this one on the fan and we'll see how it quiets down. Now this room is pretty quite and I could probably finish our video if I wanted too. Adding the muffler--they say--can reduce the noise by up to 70% on some of the smaller fan sizes and up to 50% on larger fan sizes. If you're really trying to keep your grow room quiet and stealthy, a duct muffler can really help make sure everything is pretty quiet.

One of the other reasons we also really like Phresh Filters is because they last a really long time and are made with high quality products. The carbon that's inside of them is mined from Australia and they mined it from Australia because of the grade of carbon there. The geological forces made it so that the carbon is extremely porous so that it can absorb a lot of odors. They bring that carbon all the way from Australia and they pack the filters here in the US where they go through the final process of manufacturing.  One of the interesting things they do when they manufacture them is put these filters on a vibrating table to help pack the carbon very tightly so that there aren't any areas where the air is getting through and it won't be filtered for odors and particulate matter.

That actually renders these filters (Blooper! :p) with a really long life-span. These filters will actually last you about two to three years depending on what type of environment they're in. If the environment is a little more humid, they tend to have a shorter lifespan. If it's dry out then you can expect to get about three years out of these filters.

Once you're done with them, they're completely recyclable. They are made of aluminum, steel, and the carbon can be simply dumped into your garden. It's actually really high-grade and works well for porosity and also absorbing moisture--it's really great stuff.

Most importantly, when calculating the size filter you need for your grow room. There's a pretty simple calculation. You're going to first work by figuring out how many watts your grow room is because you're going to want to use about 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow from your fan per 1000 watts of lighting. As an example, if you had a a two thousand watt grow room and you wanted to exhaust it with a fan, you'd use about a 400 CFM fan. What you then do is pair that size fan by rated CFM to the size filter. This filter I have here happens to be a 400 CFM filter. So this filter here would work well for about a two thousand watt grow room. Let's say you have a 600w grow room, which is pretty popular by many people. Then you're really at less than 200 CFM, and you'd use something like this 200 CFM filter, which is a little over what we calculated, but this would make sure that there are no odors that are going to get out of our grow room.

Other than that this is Nate with Growers House, just wanted to show you our favorite carbon filters and if you have anymore questions let us know.">