Radix Laboratory Grade Rooting Hormone Stimulator for Seeds, Cuttings, Propagation, and Veg

Radix Laboratory Grade Rooting Hormone Stimulator for Seeds, Cuttings, Propagation, and Veg

Introducing Radix: rooting hormone stimulator for propagation of seeds, cuttings, and vegetative growth.

Radix Directions for Use:

For Hydroponic Methods and Reservoirs with Continuous Oxygenation: Add 1 ml per gallon.

For All Media Including Soil, Coco Coir, Rockwool, and Reservoirs Without Continuous Oxygenation: Add 1.5 ml per gallon.

Add every feeding from seed through first four weeks of your flowering phase.

What is Radix Rooting Hormone?

This is Radix rooting hormone. Radix is a new rooting hormone stimulator that's now on the market in the US. And even though Radix is new to the market here in the US, it's actually been in use in Canada for a while. It's manufactured by a nutrient and fertilizer manufacturer up in Canada, and specifically one who works with some of the largest medicinal growing operations, including the ones that are hundreds of thousand square feet, hundreds of acres, and they all have custom blends for their nutrient mixes for hemp and medicinal plants.

So, this is a rooting stimulator that's made for some of them, up there, but now is bottled and brought back down to the US.

Radix rooting hormone is kind of a mixture of a lot of these really good rooting simulators out there, piecing together a lot of the components, and then, honestly, adding a little bit of humic and folic acids which really just help increase nutrient absorption without having a concentration of nutrients itself e.g., nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.... It's primary design is to accelerate root growth in plants of all ages and sizes.

Radix Rooting Hormone Nutrient BottleRadix Rooting Hormone Nutrient Bottle

Why is Radix A Good Alternative To More Expensive Rooting Hormones?

So, we ended up bringing some in, and we tried it out with our staff, and we also gave it out to about 10 of commercial grow facilities, all customers of ours who wanted to try out a new rooting stimulator.

I mean, I am a really big fan of quite a few popular rooting stimulators out there like Roots Excelurator, which I have really high regard for. But sometimes, it's just breaking the bank a little bit. So, if you're comparing MSRP for products like that this product's coming in at about 60% less, so it's quite a bit less for you to able to make sure that all your cuttings, are taking very well.

I mean, most of the people that were using it, when we try this out with our staff, and the commercial growing operations, is when you're taking new clones putting them in a Root Riot Propagation Plugs or any propagation plug or putting them in Grodan and all you do really is use about 0.5 mils per gallon, so 0.5 milliliters per gallon, which is a very small amount. And you can just soak your cube in there, and then propagate from that, So you can also use it through veg and up to about four weeks into flower, and at that you're using usually about 1ml per gallon, maybe 1.5ml, depending on the usage. Basically, what style of growing you're in versus in kind of hydroponic versus that they're growing in peat or soil.

So, the cool thing about this rooting hormone is that it's pretty natural. You'll notice it when you get it and you open it. Would I say it smells the best? Probably not, but it is it effective? Yes, it definitely is effective.

So, you can use it in drip lines, you can use it in hydroponic systems, DWC, you can do it straight into coco.

So it's a very versatile product, and I think it's going to end up becoming a really popular product here over the coming years. And you can actually check it out in Canna Cribs Episode 5 in Honeydew farms. They're using it for propagation there. Most nutrients out there are, honestly, a little bit of a black box when it comes to ingredients. One of the cool things is on the Radix product page on Growers House, you can see a list of all the primary ingredients, just in a sheet that's right on the product page. So, it's very transparent. You understand exactly what's going into your plants.Root Stimulator Ingredients

And also, on the Radix product page you can download the material safety data sheet, the MSDS sheet, which I know is very important for a lot of commercial growers out there. And even the curious hobbyist.

So lastly, this nutrient was designed so that it could be grown from medicinal crops, which means it's very clean in terms of making sure it's going to pass all state testing.


Root Stimulator IngredientsRoot Stimulator Ingredients

Radix, Wrapping It Up

So, whether you're in a state like Massachusetts, or Washington, or Oregon, or different states like, that they have very high standards for nutrients, and this is designed to make sure it passes all testing for those.

That's it for Radix. I hope if you're interested and you want to try a new rooting simulator out, you give Radix a shot. But otherwise, I'm also really curious and interested: What is your favorite rooting stimulator? Please put it in the comments below.

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