SpinPro Hand Leaf Trimmer Review & Unboxing

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Video Transcript:

"Hey everyone, it's Nate with Growers House and today we're doing the unboxing review of the SpinPro Original Trimmer. What comes with the SpinPro Original Leaf Trimmer is an instruction manual, a bottom bowl for catching material, the top grate with the blades in it that cuts off the excess material, the top portion with the fingers that move the material around so that it can be cut, and then some extra parts are fingers, extra quad-blades, extra pack of blades and a handle to move [the trimmer] around. And now I'll show you how to put together and use the trimmer. (View all SpinPro Products Here)

So here we have all the components laid out so I can easily put the SpinPro Original Trimmer together and start using the SpinPro. The main three components are the bowl, the top, and the grate in the middle. There's basically no assembly required. You'll get the SpinPro and the only thing you'll have to do is take this washer off and apply this nut on and the handle, so that you can then twist the fingers below. Now, it's important to note that these rubber fingers can actually be moved within these slots. Many people like setting up their own way of how the fingers go, maybe alternating or in a wave like fashion so that they can get the entire grate covered by the fingers.

SpinPro Hand Leaf Trimmer

Let me put this guy together and we'll start using it. First thing you'll want to do is grab your bottom. Then secondly you'll want to put on your middle grate, which has this component here that has gears inside of it so that when it's twisted by the handle, the wires will twist very fast. And the SpinPro will come with a dual wire built in, but you'll get two quad blades that you can put in and see if you'll like these better than the dual wire.

You simply put this on top of the catch bucket, and then put your top on top of that. Although you can't really see what's going on in there, you're going to have to trust the SpinPro to work its magic. Just like that, SpinPro recommends twisting at least 15 times once you put your material in. The SpinPro can hold up to two ounces of wet material. It can take care of that in about a minute. Once you put your material in, you'll want to make sure it is off the stem and it's wet. You'll dry it afterwards.

The SpinPro is easy to clean. I'll note that this part, this entire piece can be cleaned with water and is dishwasher safe--even the rubber components. This grate on the other hand is not dishwasher safe and should not be cleaned with water--it should be cleaned by hand. That's because the gears--you don't want them to be rusting or have any problems with your gearing, cause this is the heart of the SpinPro. So this one you'll want to clean by hand. This last one is your classic mixing bowl, which also makes it dishwasher safe. After reusage they recommend cleaning it so that your SpinPro will last a long time.

What I also wanted to mention is that the way the gearing is set up in here, 25 turns will actually turn these blades 100 times because the gear is a 1:4. By turning this guy, with 25 turns you're basically done. All you have to do is dry it out and you're ready to go.

So that's basically it for the SpinPro. It's a very easy product to use and setup is virtually minutes, so as soon as you get one of these guys you'll be trimming in a matter of no time. That's it for today, this is Nate from Growers House. Have a good one.