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Nutrient Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Right Nutrient For Your Hydroponics or Indoor Garden

Choosing the right food for your plants is one of the most important decisions you can make as a grower. Don’t make this decision lightly. Use this GrowersHouse guide to make an educated decision on what nutrients will help your plants reach their maximum potential. It’s with carefully assembled information like this that we strive to become the best online grow store you’ll visit.

In a complete diet—all the nutrients and additives your plants will consume—there are two main groups:

Base nutrients. These are the main course. They provide a wide range of elements that make up a more-or-less balanced diet. Most base nutrients are packaged in multiple parts or bottles, often with those bottles denoted for either the vegetative (growth) stage or blooming (flower) stage.

Additives. Think of additives as your dietary supplements. Additives can be applied when your plant is showing deficiencies in a certain element, or if you're trying to arouse certain characteristics, such as taste, root growth or flower size.


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