Unboxing and Reviewing the Grow Logic Vertical DE

Hey Everyone, Nate with Growers House here. One of our suppliers stopped by recently and showed off a few of their products and one of them really stood out to me. It’s this side lighting Vertical DE Socket.

If you take a look at the Grow Logic Vertical DE. It is probably like nothing you have ever seen before. I mean first off, there’s this huge sheath and this funky looking socket. This thing was actually really really well thought out in the way they made this.

Grow Logic Vertical DE

You know, I’ve never seen a vertical DE socket, I think this one’s the first to market, but I do remember the vertical single ended sockets of their type. They would hang in your garden and were really good for side lighting on your plants.

The only issue is, well first off, it’s single ended, so it’s not as efficient as the double ended. But have you ever run into a bulb in a garden? It is literally 100’s of degrees and you will get burned. So if you are trimming your garden and you back up a bit it’s really a hazard whether it’s you in the garden, your partners, or your employees if you are in a commercial garden. So the Grow Logic Vertical DE has this [gestures to the Borosilicate glass sheath] which helps combat some of those risk issues by covering it in a sheath.

Grow Logic Vertical DE cord

At the same time the Grow Logic Vertical DE actually has some pretty cool features that will help the longevity of this thing. The power cord is saved here [gesturing to the braided metal cord sheath], so it doesn’t have any super hard bends here, so the cord isn’t going to break. And this thing comes with a 3-year warranty, so you are guaranteed for it to work at least for 3 years without any issues, which you know with this kind of socket, I would expect it to last much longer than that because there’s usually not to many issues with something like this.

Um, other than that, you can run basically, any kind of bulb you want in the Grow Logic Vertical DE. So if you wanted to now run some of these new bulbs that are coming out, like a Philips Master DE Green Power 1000w HPS, a Ushio 1000w DE HPS Lamp , or a Gavita Pro Plus 1000w HPS DE Lamp. They now even have double ended 630 watt and 315 watt MHs you can run in this. Just buy a CMH ballast, buy a bulb, maybe a Ushio 1000w DE HPS Lamp or a Gavita Pro Plus 1000w HPS DE Lamp, set it in and you are good. You can have CMH side lighting in your garden no problem.

Grow Logic Vertical DE creating vertical lighting

I really think a lot of people are going to be interested in using the Grow Logic Vertical DE in those gardens where you are really restricted in plant count, so you have to make sure you are growing the biggest plants possible, or if you are restricted in square footage, and you’re trying to get as much light to your plants as possible, this is probably one of the most effective, safest, and efficient ways, because you are able to hit the secondary and tertiary buds and flowers.

If you just have top lighting, all you’re really getting is the canopy and a lot of times you are lollipopping the plant, even though the plant is focusing it’s growth by growing vertically. Adding that side lighting you are really really able to maximize the efficiency of your plants, and make sure that you get the biggest yield you possibly can - which is the most important part.

Why don’t we take this apart because I really want to show you some of the unique ways the Grow Logic Vertical DE is put together and some of the thought that went into some of these patent pending features. So to start out, first I want to unscrew this little nut here, which holds it together. I just easily unscrew that, set it down here on the table. I found the easiest way to get this guy out is to set it straight, twist to unlock on top and then slowly bring up the lamp.

Gavita Pro Plus 1000 Watt DE 400 Volts

This is glass [pointing to the Borosilicate sheathing] and the Philips Master DE 1000w HPS lamp is glass, so I just want to make sure I’m careful here. But I haven’t run into any issues. Once I get the Philips Master DE 1000w HPS lamp out, I set it aside.

This is where some of that unique engineering comes in. To take the Philips Master DE 1000w HPS lamp out, it’s very similar to other Double Ended fixtures. First you push out the sockets, but next, what you want to do is twist the Philips HPS lamp, it looks like about 45 degrees, and then pull it out. To put it back in it’s not too bad. You just push the lamp in on both sides, twist it and lock each side into place. And that is it.

So that’s the Grow Logic Vertical DE in a nutshell. You get it. There’s no assembly required. You can throw a lamp into it instantly, and with this Borosilicate glass on the outside, it’s really safe to use. This is a great option for those who are really limited in plant count, who are looking to maximize the yield out of each plant, and for those making sure they get their vertical garden totally lit up from ceiling to floor, especially for those looking for the wider spectrums and using the CMH lamps or Metal Halides. Maybe put some 6k’s inside of them and you are ready to go. So that’s it guys, The Grow Logic Vertical DE, You can get it at Growers House, and other than that, Happy Growing.