Unboxing Ultragrow e-Ballast Mini 1000W

Hey everyone, Nate from GrowersHouse here. And today we have a new product from Allstate Garden Supply, the Ultragrow e-Ballast Mini 1000W Ballast. Who is a product manufacturer who also makes things such as the PlantMax bulbs. And a few other items such as fluorscents and ballasts and mini lighting equipment. And today they sent us their new ballast which is pretty unique looking, if you look at this guy, it is pretty tiny. We consider this under the genre of mini or nano ballasts. At Growers House we affectionately refer to this as the iPhone Ballast...I wonder why. The UltraGrow E-Ballast mini has two built in fans on one side where you plug in your power source, and one fan on the opposite side, a last fan for three fans total as opposed to most ballasts which only have one on each side. You'll notice that on the cord this ballast has a dual receptacle, not that you can plug in two ballasts but it has one plug for a standard style plug socket and one for Hydrofarm style cord socket. So no matter whether you have a Hydrofarm, Sunlight or standard style reflector cord you can plug it into this ballast.

This ballast also runs on 120V and 240V, it comes with a 120V cord, you can get a 240V cord separately. It will automatically recognize 120 or 240v power supply, as most ballasts do.

Taking a look at this it is very small, it is 5 inches by 2 inches, by just about 10 inches. So this is very small, even though it is small it is UL listed so it is very safe. Even if you are operating with this under industrial applications and speaking of industrial applications The e-Ballast Mini is also FlipBox compatible. Some ballasts are not able to be used with flipboxs without being shut off first about five minutes before the flip starts, and then turned on five minutes after the flip has begun so actually I would say the majority of ballasts are not flipbox ready. But this one is. Along with few other ballasts on the market. So this might be a feature worth noting with the e-Ballast Mini, not forgetting that it is pretty small. So if you are flipping multiple ballasts and have them all in a tight space, you have a nice small ballast hooked up to your flip box and you can flip between your rooms.

You can see here on the top face, is the small lighted interface button where you can dim the ballast from 100 percent to 75 percent to 50 percent and there is also a status button which will show you if the ballast is hooked up properly and is operating properly. Lets get a little bit closer and I can show you these.

Here is the ballast running at 100% percent with a green light at the 100% button, also the fan is running. Here on the interface button the Status section has a green light indicating it is functioning properly and with blink intermittently to reflect that everything is ok, if anything is going wrong it will blink in red to show a problem. Lets click the center button marked "dimming key" and dim the ballast down to 75%. Clicking once dims it down to 75%. Now click it again to switch down to 50%. Click again to cycle back up to 100%.

Another nice feature about the e-Ballast Mini is that it comes with a 3 Year Warranty. Included in the box with the ballast is the 120V power cord, some nice mounting hardware so you could easily mount this ballast in multiple orientations up out of the way and seeing as how small this ballast is it could be virtually non existant.

We think this ballast could have the right look and be the right size for some of our customers out there and we wanted to show it off. Maybe its the right ballast for your needs. If you would like more information about the new Allstate Garden Supply, e-Ballast Mini, visit the site or give us a call.

This is Nate with Growers House, Happy Growing!