Vortex S-Line Ultra Quiet Duct Inline Fan for Grow Rooms Unboxing & Review

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Video Transcript:

Vortex PowerFans S-Line LogoHey everyone, Nate from GrowersHouse (growershouse.com) here. Today were showing off a new product to the hydroponics and indoor growing market this is the Vortex S-Line Ultra Quiet Powerfan [made by Atmosphere] and these fans just came out, I mean this is the first day we've had it. We might be one of the first people in the nation to have it. This fan is the 6 inch version , although there is an 8 inch version out as well. I heard there will be a 10 inch coming out I'm not sure about a 12 but we'll see as we keep our ear to the floor.

Vortex S-Line PowerFans

Why this inline fan is special well first off you see that it looks alot different than the traditional inline fan that's actually because first off this fan is very insulated this wall is actually pretty thick I would say about an inch. and this insulation keeps the fan extremely quiet, this fan is supposed to be 20 to 50 percent quieter than
traditional inline fans. and then also makes it so that the fan prevents itself
from building up condensation on the outside, which obviously happens to
many indoor grow rooms.

Another other very unique thing about this fan is was designed for very very low power consumption, I mean this six inch version which is about 350 CFM which I would say is a little on the lower side for a six inch fan but I plugged it in and it felt pretty powerful. This one is only 66 watts at 120 volts so were talking this thing is just about just over half an amp of power usage which is great when you're trying to keep that as low as possible. [CFM calculator]

A couple more unique things about this fan, you'll notice at the front it actually has a mixed flow impeller so there is actually impellers here on the outer edge which helps move air through the fan and a smaller one on the inside that helps cool the motor of the fan so the fan will last longer and the motor won't have to try as hard. That said it comes with a ten year warranty which is basically best in class in the industry, I think only Can-Fan and Vortex has a ten year warranty.

So now this is probably one of my most favorite features of the fan, you'll notice it looks completely flat in the back, that's because it has built in back draft dampers, that means when this fan is turned off it completely seals your environment.So when I turn this on you'll see these two red flaps move open to allow the air move through. and I'll show you that here in a second. I can't believe I've never thought of this, or another fan company, hasn't thought of building in backdraft dampers into a fan. Not only that but they made it so that its removable, so if you don't want that backdraft damper in, you can take it out. not only that this fan I mean it's obviously a 6 inch flange on each side, but you can take the fan out of the housing mounting bracket, which you can also install let's say on your wall like this, or from a ceiling, if I wanted to.

Let me show you really fast, [with the easy clipping system] I can take this fan out of the mounting housing for maintenance or if I wanted to set it up in a way that will make this fan take up the least amount of space possible. So I take this out of there and boom there's your fan, if you wanted to use it this way there is no reason why you can't and you'll notice here on the end the gaskets on the ends on both the flanges of the fan, and on the housing are on them. That rubber gasket it makes it so that the fan is vibration free like further bringing on what they are calling the quietest indoor fan. Which we will have to test to make sure that those statements are true.

What I would like to do is take this fan and plug it in next to the Active Air 6 inch Inline Fan which is 400 CFM, and that's a fan that we had a brief fan comparison to see which fan produced the least amount of decibels and that's the fan we felt like did the best as far as the ration of CFM and decibles, so were going to plug this in next to that fan to see how these fans sound next to each other, to find out if the Vortex really does produce 20 to 50 percent less noise. Ok so let's go ahead and do that.

Ok so here we are with the two fans next to each other now I'm hooking these up without any ducting, and granted with ducting both of these fans would be quieter but um I think this is going to be the best way to just show them off next to each other and the sound. and like I said earlier, the Active Air fan over here in the green, is about 50 CFM greater than the vortex fan so I would expect it to be louder since the physics of air movement would actually make it push more air, with that said lets plug these in and see what they're like, because eventually were going to have to get a lot of fans together and do a decibel test so let's start off with this though.

Okay, so pretty standard six inch fan noise. Now let's try the Vortex. Its definitely a different kind of noise but it might be hard to tell over the camera because of the kind of audio it has, but I can tell that this is much
quieter than the active air. I give my seal of approval for definitely a quieter fan. How much quieter? I can't say, I'm not a decibel meter were going to have to test it. Lastly, here is the part of the fan I really wanted to show off that back damper in action, so I'm going to swing around to the back and plug this guy in and we can see the back damper end up opening up as I plug the fan in.

So that's it for our unboxing review of the Vortex S-line Inline fan and I think this fan is introducing lots of cool things to the market that we'll see come out in other fans here in the future. It's very cool seeing some of this technology come out in the indoor growing marketplace because I think it's gonna be making growers lives easier, other than that this is Nate from Growers House. Have a good one.