Why Every Hobbyist Should Have a Protection Plan

Any purchase, large or small, comes with a bit of apprehension about how long you’ll be able to enjoy the product. We never want you to feel that way about our GrowersHouse products, which is why we partnered with Extend. With product protection, you can alleviate any fears at checkout and feel at ease knowing your purchase is protected. Read on to learn why product protection is a smart investment for your GrowersHouse hydroponics and indoor gardening products.

What is product protection?

Product protection plans go above and beyond to offer you additional peace of mind. Extend Product Protection on our GrowersHouse products covers accidental damage and extends your manufacturer's warranty for up to three years after it expires, based on the term you select. Product protection, also known as a service contract,provide coverage that can keep your product in working condition for an extended period of time so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

What is covered in an Extend Protection Plan?

When purchasing an Extend Protection Plan on your GrowersHouse purchase, your hydroponics and indoor gardening products have coverage against accidental damage and failure with product repairs and replacements. It is important to have accidental damage protection to protect your products from damage caused by drops and spills. Failure protection comes in handy if your product experiences a mechanical or electrical failure after the manufacturer warranty expires.

If Extend can’t repair it, they will replace your hydroponics and indoor gardening products at no additional cost!

A great example is our LED grow lights: it can be protected with product protection. If the LED lights fail from a defect in manufacturing within one year of purchase, that is covered by the manufacturer warranty. But that warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage. So if you’re prone to dropping your phone, you’ll want to consider buying a Protection Plan provided by Extend, so you’re not paying unexpected costs out of pocket if your GrowersHouse product experiences accidental damages.

Why should every hobbyist purchase product protection?

Product protection ensures your GrowersHouse hydroponics and indoor gardening products will be covered so that you can continue growing.

  • Enjoy peace of mind
    Product protection gives you peace of mind from the moment you purchase your product. Rest assured that you’re making a smart financial decision because you’ll get the most out of the product for as long as it’s covered.
  • Get issues resolved quickly
    Enjoy a simple and effortless claims process if the unexpected happens. With Extend, you have instant access to an online virtual claims assistant 24/7, wherever and whenever. All you need is your email address or contract ID to start your claim. Once your claim is approved, your product will be repaired or you’ll receive a replacement of a like or comparable product.
  • Save on unexpected costs
    Rest assured that when you purchase product protection with Extend, there are no surprise fees after purchasing the plan. If your product fails or experiences accidental damage, you’re covered, so you don't need to stress over unexpected costs for repairs or replacements.

Protect your purchase with Extend

Product protection can keep your favorite GrowersHouse products working without worry. From a simple and effortless claims process to easy repairs or replacements, Extend puts you at the center of the experience so you can enjoy the hydroponics products you love. If the unexpected happens, Extend has you covered.

Add product protection provided by Extend to your next purchase.

*Limitations apply. Read Extend’s terms and conditions for details.