Bluelab Connect Range Extender 2

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Boost the range between Bluelab Connect products.Extend the wireless range by positioning a range extender between your Bluelab Connect devices and your connect stick. Using the Bluelab Connect Range Extender requires you to already have a connect stick and one or more Bluelab Connect enabled devices.

Boost the range between Bluelab Connect products

Send Bluelab Connect wireless data further in large growing facilities and environments.

Simply plug the Bluelab Connect™ Range Extender 2 into a power supply between Bluelab Connect™ devices and Bluelab Connect™ Stick 1 or 2 to increase the wireless signal range.

Increase the wireless range between Bluelab Connect™ devices and the computer by up to 4x when Connect™ Range Extender 2 is paired with Connect™ Stick 2.

For extra-long distances, use multiple Bluelab Connect™ Range Extender 2s - up to 700m/2300ft.

For use with:

  • Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect™
  • Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect™ Inline
  • Bluelab pH Controller Connect™
  • Bluelab Pro Controller Connect™
  • Bluelab Connect™ Stick 2


  • Boost the wireless range of your Connect devices
  • Increase Connect wireless range by a further 100m/330ft (typical indoor)*
  • Link multiple Range Extenders for extra-long range (up to 700m/2300ft)*
  • Water resistant for the growing environment
  • International power supply included
  • *Wireless range can be affected by walls and plant canopies
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