Bonide Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew - Concentrate

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The Deadbug Brew spinosad organic formula can be used to control insects on edible and ornamental crops for up to four weeks. Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew contains spinosad; spinosad kills target insects through feeding on treated foliage, making it less impactful on non-target insects including beneficials.
Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew contains Spinosad, a product first isolated from a naturally occurring soil dwelling bacterium. Deadbug Brew kills bagworms, borers, beetles, caterpillars, codling moth, gypsy moth, loopers, leaf miners, spider mites, tent caterpillars, thrips and more! Use on fruits, vegetables, berries, citrus, grapes, nuts and ornamentals.

Add the required amount of this product to the specified amount of water, mix thoroughly, and apply uniformly to both upper and lower surfaces of plant foliage. Mix only as much spray as needed for a single treatment. In vegetable gardens, for best results, do not use more than 3 gallons of spray for 1000 sq ft of area. Do not use kitchen utensils for measuring. Keep measuring utensils with product and away from children.

Captain Jack's Deadbug Target Pests:
Codling Moth, Leafminers, Leafrollers, Oriental fruit moth, Tufted apple budmoth, Asparagus beetles, Armyworms, Fireworms, Fruitfly, Fruitworms, Loopers, Thrips, Katydids, Caterpillar Worms, Cabbage Looper, Diamondback moth, Imported cabbage worm, Colorado potato beetle, Berry moth worms, Borers, Fruit flies, Earworm, Husk Fly, Navel orangeworms, Peach twig borer, Shuckworms, Webworms, Corn borers, Sod webworm, Cat fleas suppression, Emerald ash borer, Gall midges, Leaf feeding beetles, Sawfly larvae, Spider Mites, Gypsy moth, Tent Caterpillars, Bagworms, Fire ants.

Captain Jack's Deadbug Application Rates:
2 oz. per gallon of water per 1,000 sq. ft. * See label for complete application instructions.
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