Botanicare Clone Machine 25 Site *DISCONTINUED*

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    This item has been discontinued.
    Add cloning solution to water, place cutting in the root guard, neoprene collar and place in the 2" pot. Operate the machine for 24 hour periods until roots appear (3-10 days). Transplant your new clone into any grow substrate. Botanicare also suggests using AquaShield®, with the Clone Machine reservoir. The Clone Machine works best with 16-18 hours of fluorescent light for cuttings. Misting leaves once or twice daily is also helpful or use an optional Humidome to control humidity.

    • Perfect for propagating cuttings.
    • Ideal for cloning up to 25 of your favorite herbs or vegetables.
    • Provides an effective, automated method for delivering optimal levels of water, nutrients, and oxygen for rapid growth rates.
    • The 25 Site Clone Machine is an improved redesign of the 20 Site Clone Machine.
    • The compact, cleanly designed reservoir is made from high density Poly Ethylene which is more durable for longer periods of time.
    • Includes a high output submersible pump, 26 neoprene inserts, and Power Clone Solution™ rooting hormone.
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    NameBotanicare Clone Machine 25 Site *DISCONTINUED*
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