Botanicare CocoPro Bag #5 (3.5 Gallon) - Case of 12 Blocks

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    This high-performance blend of washed and buffered coco fiber, pith, and husk delivers oxygen to plant roots while retaining moisture and nutrients – giving you more control over your fertigation regimen. The breathable fabric bag promotes air/gas exchange for increased root-zone oxygen levels, provides excellent water drainage for faster dry-down times, and encourages natural pruning and branching for a healthy root system.

    Made from renewable, compostable* coco husk, CocoPro™ is a consistent and scalable substrate for commercial grow facilities.

    Save on labor with pre-filled bags and fast hydration Features a pre-drilled indentation for easy planting Designed for consistent results in commercial growing facilities Made from compostable coco coir Easy to transport and store

    CocoPro Bag #5:

    Compressed Weight: 3.15 lb
    Bag Size: 3.5 gal
    Case QTY: 12 EA

    *Only coir is compostable – remove bag before composting.

    CocoPro Performance InformationCocoPro Performance Information

    Botanicare CocoPro Irrigation Recommendations

    Botanicare CocoPro delivers excellent performance with a variety of different irrigation strategies. Regardless of the specific irrigation strategy, it is important to monitor the moisture content to best determine when best to irrigate. This can be done with a moisture sensor, or by a simple ‘touch-and-feel’ method of lifting the cube or plant-in bags. Irrigation frequency will increase as the plant grows in size and the roots expand throughout the media regardless of the specific strategy. Growers who wish to track their salt levels should utilize the Pour Through Method of extracting growing media solution from the root zone and not simply collect leachate from irrigation, as the method will vary.

    CocoPro General Watering Tips and Tricks

    High Frequency (Pulse) Irrigation

    • The goal is to provide several small irrigation ‘doses’ or ‘events’ per day when irrigating. This is often called pulse irrigation and yields excellent results with CocoPro.
    • A professionally designed drip irrigation system is preferred to help ensure consistent and uniform delivery of water and nutrients.
    • By irrigating with small doses, the nutrient solution has time to move throughout the media. This results in a very even saturation of the media.
    • Irrigatebetween1-2hoursafterlightsturnon(orsunrise)foroptimalresults.
    • Low and slow is the key. During the day it is best to keep plants at near container capacity, with some time for dryback, especially before lights out or sundown.
    • It is best to irrigate with sufficient volume to allow runoff daily, ideally between 5-20% of volume per day that you give to the plants should drain out of the block or bag. This ensures full saturation within the container and prevents salt accumulation within the media.
    • With pulse irrigation, it is normal for growers not to see any runoff until mid-day or later as the media can take several small irrigation events to approach container capacity.

    Low Frequency (Episodic) Irrigation

    • Generally this is done by hand watering with a hose or wand. 
    • Depending on the cube or bag size, one large irrigation event per day, or every few days, is often adequate. However, when roots proliferate within the container, watering frequency may need to be increased to several times per day depending on the plant size and container size.
    • Irrigate to runoff, ideally between 5-20% of container capacity per irrigation event. This ensures full saturation within the pot and prevents salt accumulation within the media.
    Botanicare CocoPro FeaturesBotanicare CocoPro Features

    Botanicare CocoPro Instructions

    1. Choose the appropriate, ready-to-use product and size for your crop (Cube / Bag).
    2. Fully hydrate Cocopro with a pH-balanced nutrient solution (5.8-6.2) at the feed rate that the crop will be receiving once planted into the CocoPro product. Allow enough time for the coir to fully expand.
    3. Expansion time will vary based on product size, irrigation method, and rate of water addition.
      1. CocoPro plant-in bags expand fast when top watered usings low flow watering wand. This process can take up to 8-10 minutes.
      2. CocoPro cubes can be expanded by top or bottom watering (eg. by flooding a table with water that has cubes on it). This process can take up to 8-10 minutes.
      3. Drip irrigation can also be used for expanding cubes or plant-in bags. The process is slower but will provide uniform expansion. Be sure that drip stakes are placed in a way that they will drip directly onto the coco coir medium. Once the medium is partially expanded, the stakes can be inserted into the medium for final expansion. The timing of this process will depend entirely on the flow rate of the drip emitters used.
    4. Transplant seedlings, rooted cuttings, or mature plants into Cocopro.
    5. Water CocoPro again, with an appropriate nutrient solution, until a 10-15% runoff is achieved.
    6. CocoPro is designed for high-intensity hydroponic applications, meaning it has very little or no nutritional charge to allow the grower to steer the crop with their nutritional program. It is important to fertilize at an appropriate rate to reduce nutrient deficiencies in the crop.
    7. Do not allow CocoPro to become excessively dry in between irrigation events. This may increase the difficulty of rewetting.
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