Botanicare ID White 2 ft x 8 ft Grow Tray-Table Low Tide *Discontinued*

Botanicare's redesigned white premium ID trays offer professional hydroponic gardens with superior quality and performance. The ID trays now include a 7 in deep seat that accommodates larger root masses, taller pots and deeper saturation. A curved drainage grid with wider channels simplifies cleaning while newly engineered corner gussets allow for greater support. The ID trays maintain Botanicare's standard inside dimensions for maximum growth space and are composed of durable white ABS plastic.

Botanicare Low Tide Trays were designed for large scale top feed drip, run to waste or recirculating systems. The Low Tide's design provides greater flexibility for greenhouses or grow rooms. Create the ideal layout by connecting several trays using the multiple bulkhead ports. Each tray features a 2" wide gully on each side for better drainage than single center drains. Made in the USA using renewable solar energy. Made with recycled and recyclable materials. BPA free.

Outside Dimensions: 93" X 25" X 3.75
Inside Dimensions: 24" X 92" X 3.5"
Gallons Capacity: 28.5
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NameBotanicare ID White 2 ft x 8 ft Grow Tray-Table Low Tide *Discontinued*
Weight (lbs)16.45
Size (Dimensions)2' x 8'
Warranty1 Year
DimensionsOD: 93" X 25" X 3.75
FREE ShippingNo