C.A.P. ART-DNe Adjustable Recycle Timer (refurbished) (DISCONTINUED)

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C.A.P. is no longer in business, we recommend going with an alternative, comparable replacement controller such as the Titan Apollo 12.

The ART-DNe recylcing timer by Custom Automated Products controls any application requiring a device to be turned on and off at precise intervals. The ART-DNe has a user adjustable on time of 1 second to 40 minutes and an off time of 1 minute to 8 hours. A day/night/both switch allows you to select the time period that the ART-DNe will operate. The ART-DNe timers have a wide range of uses including controlling hydroponic pumps, simple CO2 controller, turning on and off ozone generators, running exhaust fans, etc. ART-DNe timers are rated for 15 amps @ 120 volts
• The ART-DNe simply plugs into a 15 amp, 120 volt outlet.
• The ART-DNe can control up to 15 amps @ 120 volts.
• The ART-DNe has an on time of 1 second to 40 minutes and an off time of 1 minute to 8 hours.
Manufacturers Instructions:

* This is a refuribished unit direct from the C.A.P. factory. Returns can be handled either through Growers House or C.A.P. for the entire 5 year warranty. (We use the refurbished units in our retail store gardens and they work great!)
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Name C.A.P. ART-DNe Adjustable Recycle Timer (refurbished) (DISCONTINUED)
Brand C.A.P.
MSRP $87.95
Warranty 3 Year
Voltage 120v