C.A.P. AIR-3 Temp/Humidity/CO2 Controller *DISCONTINUED*

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This item has been discontinued. We recommend one of the Related Products below as a replacement.

Hydrofarm has picked up the C.A.P. Brand and will be continuing some products. HydroFarm has let us know that new stock will be available the end of January, beginning of February (as of 12/30/2013). As a result this product may or may not be immediately available when you are reading this. Please call us for availabilty. Or as an alternative option, we recommend a comparable replacement controller such as the Titan Controls Saturn 2.

The C.A.P. AIR-3 expands our line of atmospheric controllers by providing the ability to coordinate supplemental CO2 with your ventilation equipment. The C.A.P. AIR-3's operation is similar to the AIR-1, with the addition of a photo cell and CO2 outlets. The photo cell ensures that your CO2 device (CO2 valve or generator) only activates when your lights are on. To conserve CO2, the CO2 outlets are automatically disabled while your ventilation equipment is running. The C.A.P. AIR-3 is rated for 15 amps @ 120 volts.

C.A.P. Air 3 Instructions PDF
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Name C.A.P. AIR-3 Temp/Humidity/CO2 Controller *DISCONTINUED*
Brand C.A.P.
MSRP $224.95
Warranty 5 Year
Amps 15A
Voltage 120v