C.A.P. Ebb Monster 3 Grow Pot Add-On (Expandable up to 12 Sites!) *DISCONTINUED*

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This item has been discontinued, a suitable replacement is Active Aqua Grow Flow 7-Gal Controller w/5 Gal Bucket Kit - 12 site
A new addition to the C.A.P. Ebb & Gro line up, the Ebb Monster breaks all the rules and brings a whole new dimension in plant size. The Ebb Monster 6 Pot System comes complete with a 55 Gallon Reservoir and the Ebb Monster Controller Module to control the fill and drain cycles. This unit efficiently and effectively transfers nutrients to your plants on whatever schedule you set. Also included are 6 Five Gallon Bucket sets with all the 3/4” tubing and fittings necessary to ensure Monster plant growth! The entire system is expandable up to 12 sites when purchasing the EBB Monster 3 Pot Expansions. You can also build your own Monster system with the EBB Monster Controller Module available separately!
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Name C.A.P. Ebb Monster 3 Grow Pot Add-On (Expandable up to 12 Sites!) *DISCONTINUED*
Brand C.A.P.
MSRP $99.95